Playlist Itapema: confira a programação completa desta segunda-feira (16/09/2019)

16.09.2019 | 11h30
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Confira a programação desta segunda-feira (16/09/2019)

Foto em destaque: Ed Motta

Bloco Musical 00:05

Jeff Beck e Joss Stone = I Put a Spell On You (CD Emotion And Commotion)

Jay Jay Johanson = Paranoid (Cd Bury The Hatchet)

Simone = Geraldinos e Arquibaldos (Cd Simone Na Veia)

Mylo = Valey Of The Dolls (Cd Ultra Chilled)

Sting = When We Dance


Bloco Musical 00:25

Karla Sabah = Invisiveis Cores (Cd E Com Esse Que Eu Vou)

The James Hunter Six = So They Say

Jack Johnson e Zach Gill = Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (Some Live Songs Ep)

The Puppini Sisters = Diamonds Are The Girls Best Friends

David Gilmour = The Girl In The Yellow Dress  (Cd Rattle That Lock)


Bloco Musical 00:45

Matt Simons = Catch And Release (Deepend Remix)

Robben Ford e The Blue Line = Trying To The Right Thing

Aline Muniz = Básica (Cd Da Pah Virada)

Van Morrison = Goin To Chicago (Cd Roll With The Punches)

Protassov (Alemanha) e Bajka (India) = I Wonder


Bloco Musical 01:05

The Dustbowl Revival = Riverboat Queen (Cd Carry Me On)

Prince = Satisfied ( Cd Tree One Two One )

Ed Motta = Samurai (songbook Djavan)

OMC (Nova Zelandia) = How Bizarre (Acustico)

Mat McHugh (Australia) = A Pocket Full Of Shells (Cd Love Come Save Me)


Bloco Musical 01:25

Gregory Porter = Nineteen Sixty What.wav

The Do (Franca) = Jealous Guy.wav

Celso Fonseca = Queda ( Cd Feriado ).wav

Sabrina Starke = For Love In The Moment (Cd Bags e Suitcases).wav

Donald Fagen =  What I Do ( Cd Morph The Cat ).wav


Bloco Musical 01:45

Nuno Mindelis = Se Eu Fosse Um Dia o Teu Olhar ( Cd Outros Nunos )

Leftover Cuties = You Are My Sunshine (EP Departures)

Dave Matthews Band = Where Are You Going (Trilha de A Herança de Mr Deeds)

Imelda May (Irlanda) = Its Good To Be Alive (Cd Tribal)

David Bowie = Thursdays Child (Cd Nothing Has Changed)


Bloco Musical 02:05

Ana Paula Silva = Quando Eu Me Chamar Saudade (Cd Canto Negro)

Jimmy Somerville = From This Moment On

Suzanne Vega = Horizon (Cd Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles)

Keb Mo = Whole Nutha Thang (Cd Suitcase)

Damien Rice (Irlanda) = I Dont Want To Change You (Cd My Favourite Faded Fantasy)


Bloco Musical 02:25

Della Reese = Why Don t You Do Right (Cd Burlesque Swing)

Rufus Wainwright = Going To  A Town (Cd Release The Stars)

Marina De Lariva = Ta hi (Pra Voce Gostar de Mim)

Pops Staples = Friendship (Cd Don t Lose This)

Salif Keita (Mali) = Mossoulou (Cd Yoruba Soul Mixes)


Bloco Musical 02:45

Mustafa Sandal = Aya Benzer (Cd Araba)

Norah Jones = Something (Cd George Fest)

Legiao Urbana = Eu Sei (Cd Musica Para Acampamentos)

Tanghetto = Blue Monday (Electrotango Sessions)

Regina Spektor = Black And White (Cd Remember Us To Life)


Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


Bloco Musical 04:05

Zeca Baleiro = Maresia (Cd Lado Z Vol. 2)

Funk 4 Sale = Ocean Games (Cd St. Germain Des Prés)

Leonard Cohen (Canada) = You Got Me Singing

Kyrsten = Feel Like Making Love ( Cd Departure Lounge)

Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks = J Smoov (Cd Wig Out At Jagbags)


Bloco Musical 04:25

Ziggy Marley e Stephen Marley = Heaven Can’t Take It (Ziggy Marley)

Madonna = He Is a Man (Cd Breathless)

Chico Buarque = A Rosa

Mattafix = Passer By (Cd Signs Of a Sttruggle)

Bent e Billie Holiday = Speak Low (Cd Emiliano 3)


Bloco Musical 04:45

The Verve = Lucky Man (Cd This Is Music)

Sampha = No One Knows Me Like The Piano (Cd Process)

Roberta Sa = Janeiros ( Cd Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria )

Rod Stewart = People Get Ready (Cd Unplugged and Seated)

Latin Aotearoa (Nova Zelandia) = Bossa Nova Zelandia (Cd LatinAotearoa In Latinoamerica)


Bloco Musical 05:05

Hardcandy = Jack Of Clubs.wav

James Brown e Dee Felice Trio = Sunny (Cd Gettin Down To It)

Gal Costa = Quando Você Olha Pra Ela (Cd Estratosferica)

Slightly Stoopid = Coollie Man (Cd Everything You Need)

Sufjan Stevens = Eugene (Cd Carrie And Lowell)


Bloco Musical 05:25

Fernanda Abreu = Luxo Pesado (Cd Sla Radical Dance Disco Club)

Travis (Escocia) = Three Miles High (Cd Everything At Once)

Gary Brooker (Inglaterra) e Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) = Daydream (Cd Groovin)

Tiago Iorc = What Would You Say (Cd Zeski)

Vargas Blues Band (Espanha) = How Verso Are You (Cd Love, Union, Peace)


Bloco Musical 05:45

Nouvelle Vague = Killing Moon (Cd Band a Part)

Smooth = Another Life (Cd The Parade)

Julieta Venegas = Debajo De Mi Lengua (Cd Otra Cosa)

Crosby Stills Nash And Young = Slowpoke

Mo Horizons (Alemanha) = Around Ya (Cd  Mo Horizons And The Banana Soundsystem)


Bloco Musical 06:05

Michael Hedges = She Drives Me Crazy

Dido = Some Kind Of Love (Cd Still On My Mind)

Joao Bosco = Memoria da Pele (Cd Zona de Fronteira)

Paul Weller = Be Happy Children (Cd Sonic Kicks)

Stephane Pompougnac, Juliette Oz = Fast and Loud (Cd Living On The Edge)


Bloco Musical 06:25

Kevin Johansen = Solo Le Dije (Cd Algo Ritmos)

Mahmundi = Eu Quero Ser o Mar (Cd Para Dias Ruins)

Crosby Stills And Nash = In My Life ( Cd After The Storm )

Morcheeba = Aqualung (Cd Charango)

Thomas Dybdahl = But We Did (Cd Whats Let Is Forever)


Bloco Musical 06:45

Katia B = Só Deixo Meu Coração na Mao de Quem Pode (Cd Emiliano 3)

Bob Marley e Laurin Hill = Turn Your Lights Down Low (Cd Chant Down Babylon)

Neil Finn e Liam Finn = Anger Plays A Part (Cd Lightsleeper)

Imelda May (Irlanda) = Big Bad Handsome Man (Cd Love Tattoo)


Bloco Musical 07:05

MPB 4 = Samba do Aviao (Cd Tom Jobim Lounge)

Martin Gore = In A Manner Of Speaking (Cd Counterfeit)

Claudia Gerini (Italia) = Maniac (Cd Like Never Before)

Peter Wolf =  Stranger (Cd A Cure For Loneliness)


Bloco Musical 07:25

Iggy Pop = James Bond

R.E.M = Uberlin (Cd Collapse Into Now)

Coldplay = Trouble

Playing For Change = Groove In G (Cd Songs Around The World)

Marisa Rotenberg = Lapis ( Cd Na Batida )


Bloco Musical 07:45

Bill Withers = Who Is He And What Is He to You (Cd Still Bill)

Roos Jonker (Holanda) = Roses All The Way (Cd Mmmmm)

Ney Matogrosso = Roendo as Unhas (Cd Atento Aos Sinais)

Buckwheat Zydeco = Hey Good Lookin (Cd Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire)

Sophie Hunger = Le Vent Nous Portera (Cd 1983)


Bloco Musical 08:05

Cool Uncle e Mayer Hawthorne  = Game Over

Selena Jones = Just The Way You Are (Cd Voices Of Angels)

The James Hunter Six = Something s Calling

Orishas e Heather Headley = Represent

Moby e Cold Specks = A Case For Shame (Cd Innocents)


Bloco Musical 08:25

Lloyd Cole = Night Sweats (Cd Guesswork)

Dio e Baco = Fulana (Dio e Baco)

HaBanot Nechama = So Far (Cd The Girls Are Comforting)

Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals = Shine (Cd Call It What It Is)


Bloco Musical 08:45

Cecilia Spyer = Nem Paletó Nem Gravata (Cd Repara)

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Nothing Else (Cd Snow)

Macy Gray = Walk This Way

Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = Poor Boys Blues

Zach Ashton = The Ceiling


Bloco Musical 09:05

Charles Bradley = You Think I Dont Know (Cd Changes)

Maroon Five = She Will Be Loved (Acoustic)

Marisa Monte e Laurie Anderson = Enquanto Isso (Cd Cor de Rosa e Carvão)

Gedeon Luke and The People = Gray (Ep Perfect Aint Perfect)


Bloco Musical 09:25

Deva Mahal e Son Little = Goddamn

Robben Ford e ZZ Ward = Breath Of Me (Cd Into The Sun)

Phyllis Dillon = Perfidia

James Brown e Kenny Dope = There Was a Time (Cd Verve Remixed 4)

Stevie Nicks = Lady (Cd Songs From The Vault)


Bloco Musical 09:45

Mark Sholtez (Australia) = The Mystery Of You

The Cranberries = Ode To My Family (Cd Something Else)

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Todo Se Trasforma (Cd Eco)

The Do (Franca) = On My Shoulders (Chamber Version)

Charles Pasi = Old Lady Paris (Cd Uncaged)


Bloco Musical 10:05

The Whitest Boy Alive = Don t Give Up (Cd Dreams)

Madeleine Peyroux = Bye Bye Love (Cd The Blue Room)

Buddy Holly = That Will Be The Day

Jennifer O Connor = How I Will Get By (Cd I Want What You Want)

Brendan Benson = Them  And Me (Cd The Alternative To Love)


Bloco Musical 10:25

Jack Johnson = Imagine ( Cd Make Some Noise )

The Puppini Sisters = I Will Survive (Cd Betcha Bottom Dollar)

Ordinarius = As Long As You Love Me (Cd Projeto Cover Flow)

Marvin e Banda Sul = Harlem Shuffle (Cd Bossa And Stones)


Bloco Musical 10:45

Alex Ebert = Broken Record

America = Sister Golden Hair ( Cd America In Concert )

Hugh Laurie = Unchain My Heart (Cd Didnt It Rain)

Ibeyi = Mama Says (Cd Oya)

Jehro (Franca) = All I Want ( Cd Jehro )


Bloco Musical 11:05

Supertramp = Goodbye Stranger (Cd Breakfast In America)

Corinne Bailey Rae = I Am Losing You ( Cd Make Some Noise )

Lloyd Charmers = Darker Than Blue (Soul From Jamdown 1973 1980)

Joyce Elaine Yuille = Come With Me (Cd Welcome To My World)

Deep Forest = Sweet Lullaby (Cd Deep Forest)


Bloco Musical 11:25

Maria Luiza e Roberto Menescal = Speak Low (CD Jazz in Bossa Bossa in Jazz).

5 Nizza (Ucrania) = Jammin

Queen Latifah = California Dreamin

Pink Turtle (Franca) = Video Killed the Radio Star (Cd A La Mode)


Bloco Musical 11:45

The War And Tready = Set My Soul On Fire (Cd Down To The River)

The Beautiful Girls = Periscopes (Cd Morning Sun)

Patti Smith = Changing Of The Guards ( Cd Twelve )

Van Morrison = The Prophet Speaks

Feist (Canada) e John Rong = Gate Keeper ( Cd Let It Die)


Bloco Musical 12:05

Pedro Leite = Meio Dia em Ponto

Luiz Melodia = Feeling Da Musica ( Cd Retrato Do Artista Quando Coisa )

Sabrina Starke = So Magical (Cd Bags And Suitcases)

Wyclef Jean (The Fugees) e Celia Cruz = Guantanamera (Cd Greatest Hits)

Aimee Mann = Humpty Dumpty (Cd Lost In Space)

Louie Austen = Tweedy Tweedy (Cd What a Comeback)


Bloco Musical 12:25

Madison McFerrin = Try

Celso Fonseca e Cibele = Shes a Carioca (Cd Natural)

Lenny Kravitz  = She Is a Beast (Cd Strut)

Amiel (Australia) = Love Song


Bloco Musical 12:45

Rodrigo Piva = Pra Ser Feliz (Cd Canto Quantico)

John Mayer = Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey  (Cd Born And  Raised)

Sky Ferreira = Easy (Trilha de Baby Driver)

Colin Hay = Love Is Innocent (Cd Man And Work)

Macy Gray = Let You Win (Cd The Sellout)


Bloco Musical 13:05

Flavien Berger = Brutalisme (Cd Brutalisme)

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = Quiet Dawn (Cd Nine)

Marina Lima e Martinho da Vila = Arco de Luz (Cd Acustico Mtv)

Leonard Cohen (Canada) = A Thousand Kisses Deep (Cd Ten New Songs)

Yazmin Lacey = 90 Degrees (Cd 90 Degrees)


Bloco Musical 13:25

Jamie Cullum = Monster (Cd Taller)

Rod Stewart = Your Song

Dida (Israel) = Jack Nice (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Seal = Walk On By (Cd Acoustic)

Paul Simon = Sure Dont Feel Like Love (Cd Surprise)


Bloco Musical 13:45

Rosa Passos = É Luxo Só ( Cd Pano Pra Manga )

Josh Rouse = Summertime (Cd Subtitulo)

Mo Horizons (Alemanha) e Noam Bar = You Gotta Know It (Cd Music Sun Love)

Yusa (Cuba) = Close To You (Cd Libro de Cabecera En Tardes de Cafe)


Bloco Musical 14:05

Courtney Barnett e Kurt Vile = Over Everything (Cd Lotta Sea Lice)

Cat Stevens = Blackness O The Night (Cd The Laughing Apple)

Lorena Nunes = Artigo 26

Antony Hegarty = Landslide (Cd Just Tell Me That You Want Me)

Alabama Shakes = Hold On (Cd Boys And Girls)


Bloco Musical 14:25

Down Like Silver = Broken Coastline

Elis Regina = As Curvas da Estrada de Santos

Jamiroquai (Inglaterra) = Picture of My Life (Cd A Funk Odyssey)

Selah Sue (Belgica) = Alone (Cd Reason)


Bloco Musical 14:45

Milton nascimento = Outro Lugar (Cd Pieta)

Sugarland = The One I Love

Bonnie Raitt = I Knew (Cd Dig In Deep)

Pete Belasco = I’ll Be Gone ( Cd Get It Together )

Zee Avi (Malasia) = Concrete Wall (Cd Ghostbird)


Bloco Musical 15:05

Easy All Star = Us AndThem (Cd The Dub Side Of The Moon)

Mavis Staples e Jeff Tweedy = Aint No Doubt About (Cd If All I Was Was Black)

Ney Matogrosso = Sea ( Cd Inclassificaveis )

Joan Armatrading = Down To Zero (Cd Joan Armatrading)

Willie Nelson = Me and You (Cd Last Man Standing)


Bloco Musical 15:25

Kevin Johansen = Solo Le Dije (Cd Algo Ritmos)

Pink Floyd = Us And Them

Kevin Morby = Beautiful Strangers (Cd Beautiful Strangers)

Carla Bruni (Italia) = The Winner Takes It All (Cd French Touch)


Bloco Musical 15:45

Bossacucanova Os Cariocas e Wilson Simoninha = Adeus America (Cd Nossa Onda Eh Essa)

Maribou State = Turnmills (Ep Kingdoms In Colour)

Suzanne Vega = Caramel (Cd Close Up)

Blank and Jones = April (Cd Milchbar Seaside Season Eight)

Depeche Mode = Personal Jesus ( Acustico)


Bloco Musical 16:05

Amy Winehouse = To Know Him Is To Love Him (Napster Live Session)

Kraak And Smaak (Holanda) e Alxndr London = Hands Of Time (Cd Juicy Fruit)

Luiz Melodia = Perola Negra

Barbarossa = Broken Beauty (Cd Lier)

Damien Rice ( Irlanda ) = The Blowers Daughter ( Cd O )


Bloco Musical 16:25

Arlo Parks = Super Sad Generation

Fito Paez = Mariposa Tecnicolor ( Cd Euforia )

Moriarty (Franca) = Jimmy

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Paquistao) e Eddie Vedder = The Long Road (Trilha de Dead Man Walking)

De-Phazz (Alemanha) = Jazz Is The Move (Cd Lala 2 0)


Bloco Musical 16:45

Céu = Roda

George Michael = Roxanne ( Cd Songs From The Last Century )

Jojo Effect (Alemanha) = Thoughts Tango (Cd Marble Tunes)

Malcolm McLaren e Catherine Deneuve = Paris Paris (Cd Paris)


Bloco Musical 17:05

Thalma De Freitas = Tranquilo ( Cd Thalma De Freitas )

George Byrne (Australia) = In Between Days

Sabrina Starke = Sunny Days (Cd Bags And Suitcases)

The Fort Knox Five = The Brazilian Hipsters (Cd Costes 7)

Velvet Underground = Pale Blue Eyes


Bloco Musical 17:25

Deva Mahal e Son Little = Goddamn

5 Nizza (Ucrania) = I Believe In You

Jay Jay Johanson (Suecia) = Far Away (Cd Poison)

Paulo Miklos = A Paz Eh Inutil Para Nos


Bloco Musical 17:45

Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = Perfect Day (Cd Lilywhite Soul)

Jack Johnson = Fragments (Cd All The Light Above It Too)

Caetano Veloso e Emicida = Baiana

Portishead = It Could Be Sweet (cd Dummy)

Mark Knopfler = Good On You Son (Cd Down The Road Wherever)


Bloco Musical 18:05

Pedro Leite = Seis em Ponto

Donavon Frankenreiter = Glow (Cd Glow)

Norah Jones = The Story (Trilha de Um Beijo Roubado)

Fernanda Abreu e Moska = Você Para Mim

Shirley Horn = Hit The Road Jack (Cd Swing Style)

Club des Belugas (Alemanha) e Ashley Slater = Its Only Music (Cd Nine)


Bloco Musical 18:25

Prince = Love Thy Will Be Done (Cd Prince Originals)

Cecilia Spyer = Além do Jardim (Cd Repara)

Jamie Cullum (Inglaterra) = Lover You Should Have Come Over (Cd Twentysomething)

Everlast = It Ain’t Easy (Cd Whitey Fords House Of Pain)


Bloco Musical 18:45

Nei Lisboa = Confissao ( Cd Translucidacao )

Lila Ike = Second Chance

Paul Simon = Father And Daughter (Cd Surprise)

Cowboy Junkies (Canada) = Thunder Road

Pacific Air = Roses (EP Long Love Ko Ko)


Bloco Musical 19:05

Adriana Deffenti = Quem Te Ensinou a Dancar (Cd Pecas de Pessoas)

Benjamin Booker = Believe (Cd Witness)

Sheryl Crow = The First Cut Is The Deepest (Cd The Very Best Of)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers = A Face In The Crowd (Cd Full Moon Fever)


Bloco Musical 19:25

Down Like Silver = Broken Coastline C.mp3

Juliana Kehl = Ele Não Sabe Sambar (Cd Juliana Kehl).wav

Zach Gill = Alright Soon (Cd Life In The Multiverse).mp3

Keb’Mo = The Itch (Cd Suitcase).wav

Macy Gray = Tell Me (Cd Ruby).mp3


Bloco Musical 19:45

US3 (Inglaterra) = Cantaloop (instrumental)

Zélia Duncan = Dor Elegante (Cd Pré Pós tudo Bossa Band)

Paul Anka = Jump (Cd Rock Swings)

Nouvelle Vague = I Could Be Happy (Cd I Could Be Happy)

Mike Stern = The River (Cd Voices)


Bloco Musical 20:05

Michael Franti e Spearhead = Headphones

Pavement = Spit On a Stranger (cd Terror Twilight)

Elis Regina e Tim Maia = These Are The Songs

India Dot Arie = Heaven

Kevin Morby = City Music (Cd City Music)


Bloco Musical 20:25

Freddie Mercury = Time Waits For No One

Cassia Eller = Blues do Iniciante (Cd Cassia Eller)

U2 (Irlanda) = Summer Of Love (Cd Songs Of Experience)

Jacqui Naylor = Losing My Religion (Cd You Don’t Know Jacq)

J.J. Cale e Eric Clapton = Last Will And Testament ( Cd The Road To Escondido )


Bloco Musical 20:45

Years Around the Sun = Miles Away (Acoustic Edit)

Cassandra Beck = Da Ya Thing I Am Sexy (Cd Jazz And 70s)

Mo Horizons (Alemanha) = Como Eh o Ar (Cd Some More Horizons)

Natalie Merchant = San Andreas Fault ( Cd Tigerlily )


Bloco Musical 21:05

Leo Dressel = Goin Home (Ep Relax Leo)

George Michael e Chris Martin = A Different Corner

Thalma De Freitas = Beija-me ( Cd Thalma De Freitas )

Charles Pasi = City Of Light (Cd Bricks).mp3

Vargas Blues Band (Espanha) = Sunny Day (Cd Love, Union, Peace)


Bloco Musical 21:25

Iggy Pop = James Bond

Imelda May (Irlanda) = Bury My Troubles (Cd Mayhem)

Jonny Lang = Red Light (Cd Long Time Coming)

Roberta Sa e MPB 4 = Cicatrizes (Cd Braseiro)


Bloco Musical 21:45

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Paper Aeroplane (Cd Chocolates And Cigarettes)

Madeleine Peyroux = I Can’t Stop Loving You (Cd The Blue Room)

Zeca Baleiro = Te Amei Ali

Wilco = Taste the Ceiling (Cd Star Wars)

Caro Emerald = Pack Up The Louie (Cd The Shocking Miss Emerald Deluxe Edition)


Bloco Musical 22:05

Phil Collins = Everyday ( Cd Both Sides )

Giana Factory = In Between (Cd Lemon Moon)

Djavan = Drão (Cd Songbook Gilberto Gil)

Billy Cobham = Le Lis Radio Vocal (Drum N Voice).mp3

Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = Kingston Paradise (Cd Kind Of Cool)


Bloco Musical 22:25

Be The Voice = Ribbon In The Sky (Cd Urban Fusion)

Till Bronner (Alemanha) = I May Be Wrong (Cd The Good Life)

Jules = Marginal (Versao Analogica)

Willie Nelson e Wynton Marsalis = Unchain My Heart (Cd Here We Go Again)


Bloco Musical 22:45

The Moody Blues = Talking Out Of Turn (Cd Long Distance Voyager)

Joss Stone (Inglaterra) = This Ain’t Love  (Cd Water For Your Soul)

Sufjan Stevens = They Are Night Zombies (Cd Illinois)

Ani Difranco e Aimee Mann = When Doves Cry

Mick Jagger = Lucky day (Cd Goddess In The Doorway)


Bloco Musical 23:05

Norah Jones = Even Though (Cd The Fall)

Cibelle e Devendra Banhart = London London (Cd The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves)

Natural Self e Elodie Rama = Midnight Sun

John Mayer = I Guess I Just Feel Like

Mark Knopfler = Wag The Dog


Bloco Musical 23:25

The Cooltrane Quartet = Wonderwall ( Cd Jazz And 90s )

Seal = Knock On Wood (Cd Soul)

George White Group = Gypsy Woman ( Cd Jazz And 90s )

Kevin Johansen = Modern Love (Cd Bi)


Bloco Musical 23:45

Keb’Mo = I Remember You (Cd Oklahoma)

Paul McCartney = My Love (Pure McCartney De Luxe)

Fito Paez = Margarita (Cd Yo Te Amo)

Sting = Come Down In Time (Cd Two Rooms)

Jimmy Page = Fabulous (Cd Playing Up a Storm)

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