Playlist Itapema: confira a programação desta Quarta-feira (18/11/2020)

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Paul McCartney



Confira a programação desta Quarta-feira (18/11/2020)

Foto em destaque: Paul McCartney


00:05 Bloco Musical 00:05

Zach Ashton = Bali Dreams

Imelda May = Meet Me At The Moon (Cd Love Tattoo)

Caetano Veloso = Tigresa

Jorg Burger = Modernism Begins At Home (Cd Night e Day)

Sting = Shape Of My Heart (Cd Ten Summoners Tales)


00:25 Bloco Musical 00:25

Cassia Eller = Malandragem

Bruce Springsteen = There Goes My Miracle (Cd Western Stars)

Paul Weller = Broken Stones (Cd Stanley Road)

Paul McCartney e Hillsborough Charity = He Ain’t Heavy He Is My Brother

Polo and Pan = Canopee (Cd Caravelle Deluxe)


00:45 Bloco Musical 00:45

Neil Young = Love And War (Cd Le Noise)

Michael Franti e Zap Mama = High Low (Cd All Rebel Rockers)

Barro e Mariana Aydar = Eu Só Queria Que Você (Cd Somos)

Stacey Kent = To Say Goodbye (Cd I Know I Dream)

Ean Golden = Ain't Seen Nothin Yet


01:05 Bloco Musical 01:05

Tim Deluxe = Love Is (Original Mix)

Carole King = It’s To Late (Cd In Concert)

Ed Motta = Colombina

Bob Marley e Laurin Hill = Turn Your Lights Down Low (Cd Chant Down Babylon)

Billa Qause (Grecia) = I Walk Alone


01:25 Bloco Musical 01:25

David Bowie = Lazarus (Cd Blackstar)

Carmen McRae = How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)

Toni Platão e Zélia Duncan = Carne e Osso (DVD Pros Que Estão Em Casa)

Brian Wilson e She And Him = On The Island (Cd No Pier Pressure)

Hess Is More (Dinamarca) = Don’t Tell (Cd Denial)


01:45 Bloco Musical 01:45

Ney Matogrosso = O Tempo Não Para (cd Tributo a Cazuza)

Mo Horizons = Kiss (Cd Mo Horizons And The Banana Soundsystem)

Samuel Harfst = Orientation ( Cd Simply For You )

Fat Freddy’s Drop = Blackbird (Cd Blackbird)

A J Croce = Coraline (Cd Cage Of Muses)


02:05 Bloco Musical 02:05

Joao Bosco = Expresso 2222 ( Cd da licença Meu Senhor )

Willie Nelson Wynton Marsalis e Norah Jones = Making Whoopee (Cd Here We Go Again)

Cigarettes After Sex = Affection

Waldeck (Austria) = Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Cd Ballroom Stories)

Noahs = Love Will Save Us (Cd Cedar And Fire)


02:25 Bloco Musical 02:25

Jojo Effect = Merveilleux (Cd Marble Tunes)

Samuel J = Colourful Vibration (Orchestral)

Joao Gilberto = A Felicidade (Cd Live In Montreux)

Jaffa e Nina Simone = Black Is The Colour Of My True Loves Hair

Vargas Blues Band (Espanha) = Sad Eyes (Cd Love Union Peace)


02:45 Bloco Musical 02:45

Stephane Pompougnac e Charles Schillings = Sunday Drive (Cd Hello Mademoiselle)

Terence Trent D Arby = Who’s Loving You (Introducing The Hardline According to Terence Trent D Arby)

Marisa Monte = Eu Sei (Cd mais)

Simply Red (Inglaterra) = Maybe Someday (Cd Men And Women)

Caro Emerald (Holanda) = Back It Up (Cd Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor)


03:05 Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


03:25 Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


03:45 Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


04:05 Bloco Musical 04:05

Vitor Ramil e Jorge Drexler = Viajei (Cd Foi No Mês Que Vem)

Cowboy Junkies = My Wild Child (Cd One Soul Now)

Nicolas Jaar = Mi Mujer (Cd Night e Day)

Michael Stipe = One ( Cd Zoocoustic )

Mark Knopfler = Today Is Okay (Cd Privateering)


04:25 Bloco Musical 04:25

John Mayer = Something Like Olivia (Cd Born And  Raised)

Marianne Faithfull = The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan ( Trilha Thelma e Louise )

Federico Aubele = En El Desierto (Cd Panamericana)

Queen = Let Me Live (Made In Heaven)

Paul McCartney = Here, There And Everywhere


04:45 Bloco Musical 04:45

Chambao (Espanha) = Chambao (Cd Endorfinas En La Mente)

Hindi Zahra (Marrocos) = Imik Si Mik (Cd Handmade)

Djavan = Outono (Cd Coisa de Acender)

Slim Moore And The Mar Kays = Is It Because I Am Black (Cd Introducing Slim Moore e The Mar Kays)

Mimi Cat (Portugal) = Somebody Else (Cd For You)


05:05 Bloco Musical 05:05

Pete Murray = Feeler ( Cd Feeler )

Tok Tok Tok (Alemanha) = Alone Again (CD I Wish)

Los Hermanos = Samba a Dois (Cd Ventura)

Animals = House Of The Rising Sun

Macy Gray = B.O.B  (Cd The Way)


05:25 Bloco Musical 05:25

Arnaldo Antunes = Socorro ( DVD Ao Vivo No Estúdio )

Rod Stewart = Love Is (Cd Another Country)

The Puppini Sisters = Diamonds Are The Girls Best Friends

Gedeon Luke and The People = Gray (Ep Perfect Ain’t Perfect)

Finley Quaye = Even After All (Trilha de Thiker Than Water)


05:45 Bloco Musical 05:45

Aloe Black e Alice Smith = Baby (Cd Red Hot And Rio 2)

Eric Clapton = Gotta Get Over (Cd Old Sock)

Gilberto Gil = A Faca E O Queijo ( Cd Banda Larga Cordel )

Guru e Vivian Green = Fine And Free ( Cd Jazz Matazz 4 )

Twin Danger = I Love (Cd Twin Danger)


06:05 Bloco Musical 06:05

Neil Young = Heart Of Gold (Cd Harvest)

Black Pumas = Know You Better

Os Mutantes = Balada do Louco ( Cd Mutantes Ao Vivo )

Amy Winehouse = Valerie (Live Lounge)

Christian Gregory = Won’t Get Nowhere (Ep Count On You)


06:25 Bloco Musical 06:25

Le Couleur = Desert (CD Concord)

Alceu Valenca e Zizi Possi = Tesoura Do Desejo

Parov Stelar (Austria) e Billy Kern = Nowhere (Cd Seven And Storm)

Prince = Satisfied ( Cd Tree One Two One )


06:45 Bloco Musical 06:45

Marcela Mangabeira = Human Nature (CD Michael N Bossa)

FKJ = Leave My Home (Leave My Home)

Zélia Duncan = Benditas (Cd Pré Pós Tudo Bossa Band)

Jonny Lang = Breakin Me (Cd Wander This World)

Zero Seven = Swimmers


07:05 Bloco Musical 07:05

Beirut = Santa Fé (Cd The Rip Tide)

Nina Simone = Ooh Child ( Cd Remixed And Reimagined )

Cazuza = Faz Parte Do Meu Show

Joe Satriani = Starry Night (Cd Strange Beautiful Music)

FM Laeti = Show Me The Way ( NineOne remix )


07:25 Bloco Musical 07:25

Elza Soares e Flavio Renegado = Negão Negra (Cd Negão Negra)

Julieta Venegas = Bien o Mal (Cd Otra Cosa)

Paul Anka = Jump (Cd Rock Swings)

Charlotte Gainsbourg = Deadly Valentine (Cd Rest)

Rolling Stones = Waiting On A Friend


07:45 Bloco Musical 07:45

Adriana Maciel = Nem Eu ( Cd Poeira Leve )

Jamiroquai (Inglaterra) = Smoke And Mirrors (Cd Rock Dust Light Star)

The Fugees = Killing Me Softly With His Song

Stevie Wonder = Yester Me Yester You Yesterday (Cd My Cherie Amour)


08:05 Bloco Musical 08:05

J.J. Cale = If We Try (Cd Stay Around)

Natalie Merchant = San Andreas Fault ( Cd Tigerlily )

Maria Bethania e Lenine = Nem o Sol Nem a Lua Nem Eu

Groove Armada = History (Cd Black Light)

Grace Jones = I Am Crying (Mothers Tears) (Cd Hurricane)


08:25 Bloco Musical 08:25

Melody Gardot e Sting = Little Something

Ana Canas = Lamour (Cd Volta)

Jack Johnson = Sunsets For Somebody Else (Cd All the Light Above It Too)

Karen de Souza = New Years Day (Cd Vintage Cafe Vol 2)

Genesis = I Know What i Like (1973)


08:45 Bloco Musical 08:45

Kraak And Smaak (Holanda) e Parcels (Australia) = Stumble

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Paquistao) e Eddie Vedder = The Long Road (Trilha de Dead Man Walking)

Cloud Control (Australia) = Just For Now (Cd Bliss Release )

Stacey Kent = So Nice ( Cd A Fine Romance)


09:05 Bloco Musical 09:05

Laidback = Happy Dreamer (Cd Hotel Costes 10)

Belle And Sebastian (Escócia) = Poor Boy (Cd How To Solve Our Human Problems)

Boca Livre e 14 Bis = Canção Da América (Cd Boca Livre e 14 Bis)

Groove da Praia = Is This Love ( Cd Bossa And Marley )

Leon Bridges = Coming Home (Cd Coming Home)


09:25 Bloco Musical 09:25

Oscar Jerome = Sun For Someone

Ralfi Pagan = Make It With You

Aldous Harding = The Barrel (Cd Designe)

Ainda Duo e Jorge Drexler = Primavera


09:45 Bloco Musical 09:45

Madonna = Boum (Hello Suckers)

Nuno Mindelis = I Can’t Quit Singing The Blues (Cd Twelve Hours)

Shirley Bassey e Kenny Dope = Light My Fire (Cd Nu Cool Hedkandy)

David Gray (Inglaterra) = Easy Way To Cry (Cd A New Day At Midnight)

India Dot Arie = That Magic


10:05 Bloco Musical 10:05

Speech = Slave Of It All (Cd Hoopla)

Joe Sample Trio e Randy Crawford = The Rio De Janeiro Blues

Ziggy Marley = True To Myself (Cd Dragonfly)

Jojo Effect = Fallacy (Cd Atlantic City Flow)

Paul Simon = Father And Daughter (Cd Surprise)


10:25 Bloco Musical 10:25

Rickie Lee Jones = For No One

The Magic Numbers = Crazy In Love

Petra Magoni e Ferruccio Spinetti = Roxanne (Cd Música Nuda)

Jean Pierre Noher (Argentina) e Daniela Hotovitz = Samba Saravah (Cd Her O Noher)


10:45 Bloco Musical 10:45

Arlo Parks = Super Sad Generation

Rod Stewart e The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra = Have I Told You Lately (Cd In You re In My Heart)

Dido = Some Kind Of Love (Cd Still On My Mind)

Colin Hay = Love Is Innocent (Cd Man And Work)

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = You Are The One That I Want


11:05 Bloco Musical 11:05

Martin Gore = In A Manner Of Speaking (Cd Counterfeit)

Bakar = Hell N Back (EP Will You Be My Yellow )

Claudine Longet (Franca) = Lets Spend The Night Together (Cd Hotel Byblos)

We Used To Make Things = Manchester (Cd We Used To Make Things)

Tuck And Patti = Learning How To Fly ( Cd Learning How To Fly )


11:25 Bloco Musical 11:25

Eric Clapton e Steve Winwood = Little Wing (Cd Live From Madison Square Garden)

Michael Buble = Fever

Cyndi Lauper = Until You Come Back To Me (Cd At Last)

Antony Hegarty = Landslide (Cd Just Tell Me That You Want Me)


11:45 Bloco Musical 11:45

Kinny e Horne = Forgetting To Remember (Cd Forgetting To Remember)

Beck = Everlasting Nothing (Cd Hyperspace)

Neil Finn e Liam Finn = Anger Plays A Part (Cd Lightsleeper)

Maroon Five = She Will Be Loved (Cd Rhythms Del Mundo)

Stevie Wonder = Overjoyed


12:05 Bloco Musical 12:05

Pedro Leite = Meio Dia em Ponto

Gilberto Gil = Indigo Blue (Cd Raça Humana)

Angie Stone = In the Air Tonight (Cd Covered In Soul)

John Mayer = Roll It on Home

Koop e Hilde Louise = Strange Love (CD Island)

Jack Johnson = Don’t Believe A Thing I Say (Cd From Here To Now To You)


12:25 Bloco Musical 12:25

Alex Kapranos e Clara Luciani = Summer Wine

Bebel Gilberto = O Caminho (Cd Bebel Gilberto Remixed)

Moriarty = Jimmy

A J Croce = I Wonder (Cd A J Croce)


12:45 Bloco Musical 12:45

Snoh Aalegra = Under The Influence

Bahamas e The Weather Station = Don’t You Want Me (Trilha de A Vida Secreta de Walter Mitty)

Adriana Calcanhoto = Mulher Sem Razao (Cd Mare)

Peter Murphy = Strange Kind Of Love

Thievery Corporation e Racquel Jones = Road Block (Cd Treasures From The Temple)


13:05 Bloco Musical 13:05

Jimmy Page = Boll Weevil Song (Cd Playing Up a Storm)

Carla Bruni = You Belong To Me (Cd Carla Bruni)

Zeca Baleiro = Disritmia (cd Vo Imbolah)

Dire Straits = Brothers In Arms (Cd Brothers In Arms)

Black Pumas = Black Moon Rising


13:25 Bloco Musical 13:25

Nuno Mindélis = Monami Zeca (Cd Angola Blues)

Father John Misty = Do You Realize

Sabrina Starke = Live And Learn (Cd Underneath the Surface)

U2 (Irlanda) e Johnny Cash = The Wanderer (Cd Zooropa)

Maribou State e North Downs = Kingdom (Cd Kingdoms In Colour Remixed)


13:45 Bloco Musical 13:45

Celso Blues Boy = Último Tango Para Roy Buchanan

Clara Moreno = Meu Samba Torto (Cd Far Out Bossa Nova)

Nick Waterhouse = Thought And Act (Cd Nick Watherhouse)

Steely Dan = Hey Nineteen


14:05 Bloco Musical 14:05

Jojo Effect e Nelly Simon = Round Around (Jojo Effect Remix)

Robben Ford e The Blue Line = Trying To The Right Thing

Silva = A Cor É Rosa (Cd Silva ñ Brasileiro)

Stacey Kent = Like a Lover (Cd Changing Light)

Kevin Morby = City Music (Cd City Music)


14:25 Bloco Musical 14:25

Greentea Peng = Hu Man

Tom Zé = São São Paulo (Cd Imprensa Cantada)

Tom Petty = Hard On Me (Cd Wildflowers)

Guts e Lorine Chia = Peaceful Life (Cd Eternal)


14:45 Bloco Musical 14:45

Ed Motta e Flavio Venturini = Nascente Venturini)

Tiago Iorc = Ticket To Ride (Cd Let Yourself In)

Amy Winehouse = My Own Way

Elvis Costello e The Rude Five = Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Cd The Unplugged Collection)

Blundetto (França) e Cornell Campbell = Good Old Days (Cd Slow Dance)


15:05 Bloco Musical 15:05

Zélia Duncan e Frejat = Mãos Atadas (Cd Pré Pós Tudo Bossa Band)

Stephane Pompougnac e Peter Kingsbery = A Complicated Life (Cd Night And Day)

Luciano Del Gaudio (Voz e Violão) = Como Uma Onda

Tid (Tanzania) = Zeze (Cd Global Soul)

Brazilian Girls = Salve


15:25 Bloco Musical 15:25

Gabriel Braga Nunes = All In War (Cd All In War)

The Cranberries = Ode To My Family (Cd Something Else)

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Get Home (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)

Radiohead = House Of Cards (Cd In Rainbows)


15:45 Bloco Musical 15:4

Hippiehaus (Alemanha) = Galaxy (Cd Stars)

India Dot Arie = Heaven

Paulinho Moska = Enrosca

Dave Matthews Band = Samurai Cop (Cd Come Tomorrow)

Suzanne Vega = Caramel (Cd Nine Objects Of Desire)


16:05 Bloco Musical 16:05

Pedro Guerra e Lenine = Miedo (Cd Ofrenda)

Fine Young Cannibals = Love For Sale

Prince e Eryn Allen Kane = Baltimore

Eagles = Hotel California (Ao Vivo)


16:25 Bloco Musical 16:25

Katie Melua = A Love Like That (Album Number 8)

Martinho da Vila = Valsinha

Paul Simon = The Afterlife (Cd So Beautiful Or So What)

ZZ TOP = Blue Jean Blues

Gabin e Mia Cooper = The Alchemist (Cd Third And Double)


16:45 Bloco Musical 16:45

Youssou N’ Dour = Jealous Guy ( Cd Make Some Noise )

Santana = In Search Of Monalisa (Cd In Search Of Monalisa)

Dio e Baco = Saudade Saudade (Dio e Baco)

Mosquitos = You You You

Cocoon = Spark


17:05 Bloco Musical 17:05

Tim Maia = Pra Fazer Você Feliz (Cd Forro do Brasil)

Everything But The Girl = Thougher Than The Rest

Belle And Sebastian = There Is An Everlasting Song (Cd How To Solve Our Human Problems)

Thievery Corporation = The Temple of I And I (Cd The Temple of I And I)

Stevie Ray Vaughan = Tin Pan Alley (Cd Couldt Stand The Weather)


17:25 Bloco Musical 17:25

Zeca Baleiro = As Vezes o Amor (Canções D’Alem Mar)

Lenny Kravitz = Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About You (Cd Strut)

Dido = Here With Me (Cd Sounds Eclectic Too)

Arnaldo Antunes e Nando Reis = Não Vou Me Adaptar ( DVD Ao Vivo No Estudio )


17:45 Bloco Musical 17:45

Paul Weller = I’d Rather Go Blind (Cd Fly On The Wall)

Dida (Israel) = Jack Nice (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Gilberto Gil = Superhomem - A Canção

John Mayer = Vultures (Cd Continuum)

Dave Grohl (Nirvana e Foo Fighters) = If I Were Me (Cd Sound City)


18:05 Bloco Musical 18:05

Pedro Leite = Seis em Ponto

Buddy Guy e Mick Jagger = You Did The Crime (Cd The Blues Is Alive And Well)

Amy Winehouse = Do Me Good

Brazilian Lounge = Tempo Bom (Cd Brazilian Lounge)

Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton = While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Dvd Concert For George)

Nick Waterhouse = Wherever She Goes (Cd Nick Watherhouse)


18:25 Bloco Musical 18:25

Dirty Projectors = Holy Mackerel (Cd Super Joao)

Djavan = Oração ao Tempo (Cd Aria)

Patti Smith = Changing Of The Guards ( Cd Twelve )

Rolling Stones = Living In A Ghost Town


18:45 Bloco Musical 18:45

Maria Bethânia = Coração Ateu (Trilha Sonora de Gabriela)

Cory Bonanno e T. Flower = You Got

Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros = Mondo Bongo

Nick Cave = Here Comes The Sun (Cd I Am Sam)

Jack Johnson = Escape (Trilha de A Vida Secreta de Walter Mitty)


19:05 Bloco Musical 19:05

Calexico And Iron And Wine = Midnight Sun (Cd Midnight Sun)

Josh Rouse = Nineteen Seventy Two (Cd Nineteen Seventy Two)

Maria Rita = Corpitcho (Cd Samba Meu)

Smooth = Another Life (Cd The Parade)

Kings Of Convenience (Noruega) e Fiest (Canada) = The Build Up (Cd Riot On An Empty Street)


19:25 Bloco Musical 19:25

Arlo Parks = Green Eyes

Caetano Veloso = Jeito de Corpo (Cd Outras Palavras)

Leonard Cohen = Never Gave Nobody Trouble

Hidden Jazz Quartett e Bajka = Soulosophy (Cd Raw and Cooked)


19:45 Bloco Musical 19:45

Cazuza = O Mundo É Um Moinho

Poldoore = Nothing Left To Say

Midnight Oil = Beds Are Burning

Zap Mama (Zaire e Belgica) = Damn Your Eyes (cd Seven)

Novalima = Ch’usay (Cd Ch usay)


20:05 Bloco Musical 20:05

Henri Salvador = Jardin D’Hiver (Cd Chambre Avec Vue)

Mylene Farmer e Sting = Stolen Car (Cd Interstellaires)

Silva = Infinito Particular (Cd Silva Canta Marisa)

Macy Gray = Creep (Cd Covered)

Adele = Skyfall


20:25 Bloco Musical 20:25

Erlend Oye e Sebastian Maschat = Price

2Raumwohnung (Alemanha) = Somebody Lonely And Me (Cd Nacht)

Jill Scott e Lupe Fiasco = Daydream ( Cd Collaborations )

Zizi Possi = O Que é O Que é (Cd Sobre Todas as Coisas)


20:45 Bloco Musical 20:45

Shawn Lee e A.M = Replay (Cd La Musique Numerique)

Mike Stern = The River (Cd Voices)

Elza Soares = Eu Vou Ficar Aqui

Citizen Cope = Healing Hands ( Cd The Rain Water)

MagicNumber = Sad World (Thatday)


21:05 Bloco Musical 21:05

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Telefonia (Cd Salvavidas De Hielo)

Malik Alary e Manu D. = I Have To Run Away (Cd Nothing And Still The Same)

Angelique Kidjo (Benin) e Roy Hargrove = Sampa Pa Ti (Cd Oyo)

Willie Bobo = Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fires


21:25 Bloco Musical 21:25

Fernanda Abreu = Dance Dance

Milton nascimento = Outro Lugar (Cd Pieta)

Edie Brickell = Good Times (Cd Picture Perfect Morning)

Darkside = Paper Trails (Cd Psychic)

Zach Ashton = Ocean ( Cd Mellow Dia )


21:45 Bloco Musical 21:45

Grace Jones = Williams Blood (Cd Hurricane)

Jay Jay Johanson = November (Cd Bury The Hatchet)

Maria Gadú = A História de Lilly Braun (Cd Maria Gadú)

Yes = Imagine

Michael Franti e Spearhead = The Sound Of Sunshine Going Down (Cd The Sound Of Sunshine)


22:05 Bloco Musical 22:05

Eagles = Tequila Sunrise (Ao Vivo)

Caro Emerald = Quicksand

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso = Caleidoscópio

Fernanda Boabaid e Bela Blasi = Ninety Four (Cd Fewie)

Sean Lennon = Wait For Me (CD Friendly Fire)


22:25 Bloco Musical 22:25

Lisa Ono = Jambalaya ( Cd Bossa Americana )

Willie Nelson e Wynton Marsalis = Unchain My Heart (Cd Here We Go Again)

Diana Krall = Just The Way You Are (Cd Live In Paris)

Ordinarius = Mr Sandman


22:45 Bloco Musical 22:45

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = Les Boulevards De Paris (Cd Nine)

Ella Kudmi = Waiting For My Song

Chris Cornell = Billie Jean

Naomi (Alemanha) = Go (Cd Everyone Loves You)

Elton John = Rocket Man (Cd One Night Only)


23:05 Bloco Musical 23:05

Maxwell = Get To Know You (cd Now)

Jack Johnson = Gather (Cd All The Light Above It Too)

Eddie Wedder = Wish You Were Here

Polo and Pan = Nana (Cd Caravelle Deluxe)

Lenny Kravitz = Just Be a Woman (Cd Are You Gonna Go My Way)


23:25 Bloco Musical 23:25

Ean Golden e Rueber Dear = She Drives Me Crazy

Fifty Mission Blues Band = House Of The Rising Sun

Jimmy Somerville = From This Moment On

Ani Difranco e Aimee Mann = When Doves Cry


23:45 Bloco Musical 23:45

Beatles = Come Together e Dear Prudence ( Cd Love )

Samiah Farah (Tunisia) = Cool

Titas e Fito Paez = Go Back (Cd Acustica)

Bruce Springteen = Nothing Man (Cd The Rising)

Sinead O Connor (Irlanda) = How About I Be Me (Cd I’m Not Bossy I’m The Boss)


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