Playlist Itapema: confira a programação desta segunda-feira (29/06/2020)

29.06.2020 | 11h14 - Atualizada em: 29.06.2020 | 13h15
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Ben Watt



Confira a programação desta segunda-feira (29/06/2020)

Foto em destaque: Ben Watt


00:05 Bloco Musical 00:05

Celso Fonseca = Next Year Baby ( Cd Feriado )

Son Little = O Mother (Cd Son Little)

Marina De La Riva e Davi Moraes = Sonho Meu

Mister Charles = Flute Plays On (Cd Urban Fusion)

David Gilmour = Love In The Air (Cd About Face)


00:25 Bloco Musical 00:25

Fito Paez e Rita Lee = Ojos Rojos (Cd Naturaleza Sangre)

Hooverphonic (Belgica) = Georges Cafe (Cd The Night Before)

Neil Young = My My, Hey Hey (Cd Live Rust)

Dual Sessions = Fly Me To The Moon (Cd Jazz Remixes)

Robben Ford e ZZ Ward = Breath Of Me (Cd Into The Sun)


00:45 Bloco Musical 00:45

Gare Du Nord (Bélgica e Holanda) = How Was It For You (Cd Lilywhite Soul)

Prince = Call My Name (Cd Musicology)

Paulinho Moska = Imã

Cowboy Junkies (Canada) = Thunder Road

Bruce Springteen = Let’s Be Friends (Cd The Rising)


01:05 Bloco Musical 01:05

Sampha = No One Knows Me Like The Piano (Cd Process)

Cassandra Wilson = Right Here Right Now (cd Traveling Miles

Itamar Assumpção = Leva Meu Samba (Cd Pra Sempre Agora)

Martin Gore = Motherless Child (Cd Counterfeit)

Jill Scott e Eve And The A Group = Shame (Cd The Light Of The Sun)


01:25 Bloco Musical 01:25

Andrew Bird = Capsized (Cd Are You Serious)

Playing For Change = What Is Up (CD Playing For Change Live)

Thalma De Freitas = Tranquilo ( Cd Thalma De Freitas )

Tiago Iorc = Story Of A Man (Cd Umbilical)

The Doobie Brothers = What a Fool Believes


01:45 Bloco Musical 01:45

Barão Vermelho = o Poeta Está Vivo

Patricia Barber = Easy To Love (Cd The Cole Porter Mix)

Robert Cray = Babys Arms ( Cd Shoulda Been Home )

K.D. Lang ( Canada ) = The Water’s Edge (CD Sing It Loud)

Phil Collins = Everyday ( Cd Both Sides )


02:05 Bloco Musical 02:05

Maria Rita = Conta Outra (DVD Segundo ao Vivo)

Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) = Taxman (Cd Just For A Thrill)

Sade (Anglo-nigeriana) = The Moon And The Sky (Cd Soldier Of Love)

Michael Franti e Spearhead = Never Too Late (Cd Power To The Peaceful)

Dida (Israel) = Healing Hands of Time  (Cd Modern Love Songs)


02:25 Bloco Musical 02:25

Junior Wells = Satisfaction

Portishead = Glory Box (Cd Dummy)

Paulinho Da Viola = Meu Caro Amigo

Parcels (Australia) = Allaround (EP Hideout)

Aretha Franklin = The Only Thing Missin (Cd So Damn Happy)


02:45 Bloco Musical 02:45

Mark Knopfer = The Trawlermans Song (Cd Shangri la)

Ordinarius = As Long As You Love Me (Cd Projeto Cover Flow)

Katia B = Outra Estação (Cd Só Deixo Meu Coração na Mao de Quem Pode)

Larry Carlton = Knock On Wood

2Raumwohnung (Alemanha) = Somebody Lonely And Me (Cd Nacht)


03:05 Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


03:25 Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


03:45 Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


04:05 Bloco Musical 04:05

Milton Nascimento = Anima

Moby = Live For Tomorrow ( Cd Last Night )

John Mayer = Shadow Days (Cd Born And Raised)

Luciano Del Gaudio (Voz e Violão) = Primeiros Erros

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = The Secret (Fishing For Zebras)


04:25 Bloco Musical 04:25

David Byrne Fatboy Slim e Shara Worden = Seven Years (Cd Here Lies Love)

Freddie Mercury e Montserrat Caballe = How Can I Go On

Grupo Engenho = Assim (Cd Movimento)

Toni Childs = House of Hope

Jimmy Scott = Holding Back The Years (Cd Holding Back The Years)


04:45 Bloco Musical 04:45

Travis (Escócia) = Battleships ( Cd The Boy With No Name )

Lloyd Yates = Runs Like Fire (EP Bring Back The Life)

Lenine = Paciência (Cd Na Pressão)

Tok Tok Tok (Alemanha) = Alone Again (CD I Wish)

Bryan Ferry = Alphaville (Cd Olympia)


05:05 Bloco Musical 05:05

RL Burnside = Bad Luck City (Cd Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down)

Eva Cassidy = Ain’t No Sunshine

Ney Matogrosso e Pedro Luis E A Parede = Assim Assado ( DVD Vagabundo )

Macy Gray e Erykah Badu = Sweet Baby ( Cd The Id )

De Phazz (Alemanha) = Jazz Is The Move (Cd Lala 2 0)


05:25 Bloco Musical 05:25

Zélia Duncan = Ambição (Cd Pelo Sabor do Gesto)

Da Brasilians (Franca) = Shadows

Jill Scott = True Colors (Trilha de No Balanço do Amor)

Piers Faccini = The Beggar And The Thief (Cd My Wilderness)

The Mighty Bop = Feeling Good (Cd Spin My Hits)


05:45 Bloco Musical 05:45

Rod Stewart = These Foolish Things (Cd It Had To Be You)

Mop Mop (Itália) e Anthony Joseph = Spaceship Earth (Cd Lunar Love)

Maria Gadú = Lanterna dos Afogados (Cd Multishow ao Vivo)

A J Croce = Hes Got A Way With Women (Cd A J Croce)

Bonnie Raitt = I Knew (Cd Dig In Deep)


06:05 Bloco Musical 06:05

George Michael = Roxanne ( Cd Songs From The Last Century )

Mika = I Went To Hell Last Night (Cd My Name Is Michael Holbrook)

Adriana Calcanhoto = Pelos Ares (Cd Cantada)

Belle And Sebastian (Escocia) = Everything Is Now (Part Two) (Cd How To Solve Our Human Problems)

Ismael Lo ( Senegal ) e T. Meya = Africa ( Cd Hip Hop Meets World )


06:25 Bloco Musical 06:25

Cigarettes After Sex = You Are All I Want

Fernanda Abreu = Luxo Pesado (Cd Sla Radical Dance Disco Club)

James Blake = Vincent

Morrissey = I Am Not Sorry (Cd You Are Quarry)

Ben Watt = Sunlight Follows The Night


06:45 Bloco Musical 06:45

Thedy Correa = Esses Mocos ( Cd Loopcinio )

Angelique Kidjo (Benin) = Lonlon (Bolero de Ravel) (Cd Djin Djin)

Keb Mo = I Remember You (Cd Oklahoma)

Banco De Gaia = We All Know The Truth (Cd Farewell Ferengistan)


07:05 Bloco Musical 07:05

Rodrigo Piva e Leleco Lemos = Você Já foi a Floripa (Cd Canto Quântico)

Stevie Wonder = You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Lindsay And Isaac = Sad Song

Ezra Collective e Jorja Smith = Reason In Disguise (Reason In Disguise)


07:25 Bloco Musical 07:25

Citizen Cope = Scared of Heights

Curtis Harding = Where We Are (Cd Where We Are)

Henri Salvador (França) = Jazz Mediterranée (Cd Chambre Avec Vue)

Tosca (Áustria) = Chocolate Elvis (Cd Bargrooves Later)

Marisa Monte = Volte Para o Seu Lar (Cd Mais)


07:45 Bloco Musical 07:45

John Lennon = Imagine (Ultimate Mix)

Norah Jones = Say Goodbye (Cd Little Broken Hearts)

Nu Braz = Baticumbum (Cd Bossa Dubas Volume 3)

Michael Hedges = Gimme Shelter

Poldoore e Will Magid = Unconditional


08:05 Bloco Musical 08:05

Coldplay = Cry Cry Cry (Cd Everyday Life)

Marcus Miller e Selah Sue = Que Sera Sera (Cd Laid Back)

Donald Fagen =  What I Do ( Cd Morph The Cat )

John Mayer = Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey  (Cd Born And  Raised)

Remy Shand (Canada) = Take A Message (Cd The Way I Feel)


08:25 Bloco Musical 08:25

Jojo Effect e Brenda Boykin = True Sky Heroes (Cd True Sky Heores)

Gilberto Gil = Indigo Blue (Cd Raca Humana)

Buena Vista Social Club = Chan Chan (Cd Buena Vista Social Club)

VC Orange = I Can’t Keep Up With Your Love


08:45 Bloco Musical 08:45

Nando Reis e Andréa Martins = Luz Dos Olhos (Cd Luau MTV)

Thievery Corporation = Le Coeur (Cd Saudade)

Van Morrison = Benediction (Cd Roll With The Punches)

Bittersweet = Take 2 Blue (Roy Dubb Remix)

Wilco = White Wooden Cross (Cd Ode To Joy)


09:05 Bloco Musical 09:05

Travis (Escócia) = Three Miles High (Cd Everything At Once)

The Marathonians = My room (Cd A Tropical Soul Adventure)

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Sea (Cd Sea)

Ambar Lucid = Eyes


09:25 Bloco Musical 09:25

Wagner Pa = Oda a Lespectador

Jamiroquai (Inglaterra) = Blue Skies (Cd Rock Dust Light Star)

Bruce Lash = Psycho killer

De Phazz (Alemanha) = Trash Box (Cd Death By Chocolate)

Llorca = Wonderwhy (Fred Everything Space Edit)


09:45 Bloco Musical 09:45

Caro Emerald = The Ghost Of You (EP Emerald Island)

George Benson Al Jarreau e Jill Scott = God Bless The Child ( Cd Givin’ It Up )

Toco = Outro Lugar (Cd Outro Lugar)

K.D. Lang ( Canada ) = Barefoot ( Cd Ingenue )

Baxter Dury = Trellic


10:05 Bloco Musical 10:05

Chris Isaak = Wicked Game (Heart Shaped World)

Laura Pergolizzi = Don’t Let Me Down

Rod Stewart e The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra = Forever Young (Cd In You re In My Heart)

Joe Louis Walker e Keb’Mo = Old Time Used to Be

John Mayall com Chris Rea e Steve Miller = Early In The Morning (Cd Along For The Ride)


10:25 Bloco Musical 10:25

Amy Winehouse = To Know Him Is To Love Him (Napster Live Session)

Rockapella = Rock Around The Clock  Tell Me Something Good

Chris Cornell = Billie Jean

D’angelo = Cruisin (Cut The Sax Remix)


10:45 Bloco Musical 10:45

Willie Nelson = Butterfly (Cd Gods Problem Child)

Maroon Five = Sunday Morning (Quest Love Remix)

Mary J. Blige = Overjoyed (Cd Conception)

EELS = The Deconstruction (Cd The Deconstruction)

MagicNumber = Sad World (Thatday)


11:05 Bloco Musical 11:05

The Ray Mann Three (Alemanha) = Smile

Holly Cole Trio = I Can See Clearly Now (Cd Voices Of Angels)

J.J. Cale = A Thing Going On (Cd Grasshopper)

Rhye = Phoenix (Cd Blood)

Basia (polonesa) = Reward


11:25 Bloco Musical 11:25

Till Bronner (Alemanha) Annie Lennox Milton Nascimento = Mistérios (Cd Rio)

Rolling Stones = I Can’t Quit You Baby (Cd Blue And Lonesome)

Postmodern Jukebox e Hannah Gill e Casey Abrams = Crazy

Cake =  Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Cd Fashion Nugget)


11:45 Bloco Musical 11:45

Norah Jones = Tragedy (Cd Daybreaks)

Naomi (Alemanha) = How Many Loves (Cd Hotel Costes 11)

Steve n Seagulls = November Rain

Pink Martini = Splendor In The Grass (Cd Splendor In The Grass)

The Weepies = Painting By Chagall (Say I Am You)


12:05 Bloco Musical 12:05

Pedro Leite = Meio Dia em Ponto

Frejat = Tudo Se Transforma

Yael Naim (Franca) = She Was a Boy (Cd She Was a Boy)

I Muvrini (França) e Sting = Terre D'oru (Cd In Bloom)

Wasis Diop (Senegal) = Que Faul Il Faire

Mark Knopfler = Hot Or What (Cd Privateering)


12:25 Bloco Musical 12:25

Laura Marling = Held Down (Cd Song For Our Daughter)

Gilberto Gil = a Paz (Ao Vivo Estudio Itapema Fm)

Thievery Corporation = Firelight (Cd Saudade)

George Fame (Inglaterra) e Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) = Can’t Get My Rest At Night (Cd Groovin)


12:45 Bloco Musical 12:45

Ciavatta = É Preciso Perdoar

Damien Rice (Irlanda) =  It Takes a lot to know a Man (My Favorite Faded Fantasy)

The Puppini Sisters = Diamonds Are The Girls Best Friends

Bill Withers = Ain’t No Sunshine

De Phazz (Alemanha) = Back From Where I Started (Cd Lala 2 0)


13:05 Bloco Musical 13:05

Regina Spektor = Black And White (Cd Remember Us To Life)

Jonny Lang = Lie To Me (Cd Lie To Me)

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Telefonia (Cd Salvavidas De Hielo)

Bryan Ferry = A Fool For Love (Cd Frantic)

Charles Pasi = All The Way (Cd Bricks)


13:25 Bloco Musical 13:25

Blank and Jones e Coralie Clement = Ces’t Pas La Mer A Boire

Robert Cray e Albert Collins = She Is Into Something (Cd Showdown)

Hindi Zahra (Marrocos) = Kiss And Thrills (Cd Handmade)

Wyclef Jean (The Fugees) e Celia Cruz = Guantanamera (Cd Greatest Hits)

Cat Stevens = Blackness O The Night (Cd The Laughing Apple)


13:45 Bloco Musical 13:45

Alacran ( Itália e Argentina ) = Reflejo De Luna ( Cd Latin Louge )

Chris Isaak = Five Fifteen (Cd San Francisco Days)

Ibeyi = Mama Says (Cd Oya)

Eric Clapton e Paul McCartney = All Of Me (Cd Old Sock)


14:05 Bloco Musical 14:05

Theo Katzman = Love is a Beautiful Thing

Silver Jews = Random Rules (American Water)

Zélia Duncan = Olha o Dia Vem Aí (Cd Antes do Mundo Acabar)

Rufus Wainwright = Signed Sealed Delivered

Jack Johnson = Home (Cd From Here To Now To You)


14:25 Bloco Musical 14:25

Roberta Sá e Jorge Ben Jor = Ela Diz Que Me Ama (DKVPZ Remix)

Arnaldo Antunes = Socorro ( DVD Ao Vivo No Estudio )

Skye = Love Show ( Cd Mind How You Go )

Lost In The Trees = Upstairs (Cd Past Life)


14:45 Bloco Musical 14:45

Martnalia = Samba eh Tudo (Cd Pé do Meu Samba)

Gare Du Nord (Bélgica e Holanda) = Summertime

Rosanne Cash = The Long Way Home (Cd The River and The Thread)

The Doors = Touch Me

Bobby McFerrin = Say Ladeo (Cd Vocabularies)


15:05 Bloco Musical 15:05

Speech = The Hey Song (Cd Hoopla)

John Mayer = New Light

Leticia = Cores ( Cd Cores )

J.J. Cale = I Would Like To Love You Baby (Cd Okie)

Jehro (Franca) = Guantanamo Song ( CD Cantina Paradise )


15:25 Bloco Musical 15:25

Milton Nascimento Criolo e Amaro Freitas = Não Existe Amor em SP

Suzanne Vega = Toms Diner (Cd Close Up Vol 2 People e Places)

Avicii (Suecia) = Ten More Days (Cd Stories)

Nouvelle Vague = Dont Go (Cd Band a Part)


15:45 Bloco Musical 15:45

Legião Urbana = Índios (Cd Musica Para Acampamentos)

Thon Soriedem = Sunset In Paradise (Jazz Mix)

Goldie Hawn = a Hard Day’s Night (cd In My Life)

R.E.M = Oh My Heart (Cd Collapse Into Now)

Pete Murray ( Australia ) = So Beautiful  ( Cd Feeler )


16:05 Bloco Musical 16:05

Ian Gillan e Roger Glover = Lonely Avenue

Mondo Cozmo = Shine

Cecilia Spyer = A Falta Que Você Faz (Cd Repara)

Kraak And Smaak (Holanda) e Parcels (Australia) = Stumble

Afterlife = Sunrise ( Cd Café Del Mar Vol 8 )


16:25 Bloco Musical 16:25

Titãs = Sonífera Ilha (Trio Acústico)

Karla Sabah = Chiclete Com Banana (Cd Drum N  Bossa)

Curtis Mayfield = Here But I’m Gone (Cd New World Order)

Zaz (Franca) = Je Veux (Cd Zaz)

Keb Mo = Let Your Light Shine (Cd Keep It Simple)


16:45 Bloco Musical 16:45

Maria Gadú = Amor de Índio (Cd Mais Uma Pagina)

Zap Mama (Zaire e Bélgica) e Michael Franti = Poetry Man (Cd Seven)

Boy George e Ana Lains = Amazing Grace (Acoustic Mix)

Metropolitan Jazz =  A Drifting Swing (Cd  Bird Of Spring)


17:05 Bloco Musical 17:05

Renata Adegas = Travessia (Trilha do Filme Extremo Sul)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Africa do Sul) = Oh Happy Day (cd Heavenly)

Tosca (Austria) = What If (Cd Odeon)

Mylo = Valey Of The Dolls (Cd Ultra Chilled)

Marbert Rocel =  Love Me (Cd Catch a Bird)


17:25 Bloco Musical 17:25

Fantastic Negrito = An Honest Man (Cd Fantastic Negrito Deluxe)

Groove Armada = History (Cd Black Light)

Gary Moore = Still Got The Blues

Rita Lee = Reza (Cd Reza)


17:45 Bloco Musical 17:45

BUSH = Letting The Cables Sleep

Club des Belugas (Alemanha) e Maya Fadeeva = Hello Friend (Cd Chameleon)

Kevin Johansen = Puerto Madero (Cd Sur o No Sur)

Steve Winwood = Domingo Morning ( Cd About Time )

Willie Nelson = It Gets Easier (Cd Gods Problem Child)


18:05 Bloco Musical 18:05

Pedro Leite = Seis em Ponto

Ziggy Marley = Elizabeth (Cd Wild And Free)

Melba Moore = Aquarius (tema De Hair)

Affonsinho = Paisagem da Janela (Cd Esquina de Minas)

Cyndi Lauper = Until You Come Back To Me (Cd At Last)

John Mayer = Emoji of a Wave


18:25 Bloco Musical 18:25

Solon Fishbone = Stay Home

Cazuza = Ideologia

Kylie Minogue = The Locomotion (Cd Showgirl Homecoming Live)

Destroyer (Canada) = Chinatown (Cd Kaputt)


18:45 Bloco Musical 18:45

Caetano Veloso = Sampa (Cd Circulado Ao Vivo)

Damon Albarn = Heavy Seas Of Love (Cd Everyday Robots)

Everything But The Girl = Get Me (Cd Amplified Heart)

Father John Misty =  Do You Realize

Peter Wolf =  Peace Of Mind (Cd A Cure For Loneliness)


19:05 Bloco Musical 19:05

Celso Fonseca e Ronaldo Bastos = O Que Restou Do Nosso Amor (Cd Bossa Dubas Volume 3)

Caro Emerald (Holanda) = Tangled Up (Cd The Shocking Miss Emerald)

Neil Finn = Dont Dream Its Over

Gare Du Nord (Bélgica e Holanda) = Kingston Paradise (Cd Kind Of Cool)


19:25 Bloco Musical 19:25

Arlo Parks = Black Dog (Single Black Dog)

Flavio Venturini = Clube da Esquina 2 (Cd Noites Com Sol)

De Phazz (Alemanha) = Bridgetown Bossa (CD Frauleinwunder)

Regina Spektor = Don't Leave Me (Cd What We Saw From The Cheap Seats)

Pavement = Spit On a Stranger (cd Terror Twilight)


19:45 Bloco Musical 19:45

Joe Satriani = Made Of Tears ( Cd Super Colossal )

Maria Rita = Pra Matar Meu Coração (Cd Elo)

George Michael e Chris Martin = A Different Corner

Madeleine Peyroux = The Kind You Can’t Afford (Cd Standing On The Rooftop)

The Band = The Weight


20:05 Bloco Musical 20:05

Sharon Jones e The Dap Kings = Better Things (Cd I Learned The Hard Way)

Martin Gore = Smile In This Crowd (Cd Counterfeit)

Tim Maia = Pra Fazer Você Feliz (Cd Forro do Brasil)

Bajka (India) e Mo Horizons (Alemanha) = Struggles And Blessings (Cd The Soul Session)

Leonard Cohen (Canada) = A Thousand Kisses Deep (Cd Ten New Songs)


20:25 Bloco Musical 20:25

Roger Waters = Mother

Luiza Possi = Paixão e Medo ( Cd Escuta )

Dutch Rhythm Combo = Sundays (Cd The Imaginary Band)

Carla Bruni (Itália) = You Belong To Me (Cd Carla Bruni)

Steely Dan = Things I Miss The Most (Cd Everything Must Go)


20:45 Bloco Musical 20:45

Tom Leeb = Are We Too Late

George Ezra = Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Céu = Sangria (Cd Tropix)

Paul Simon = Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover


21:05 Bloco Musical 21:05

Zouzoulectric = Society Of Fragments

Quincy Jones Brandy e Heavy D = Rock With You

Adil Tiscatti = Carioca

Zee Avi (Malasia) = The Book of Morris Johnson (Cd Ghostbird)

Rolling Stones = As Tears Go By ( Cd Trilha de Shine a Light )


21:25 Bloco Musical 21:25

Michael Franti and Spearhead = I’m on Your Side

Rayana Jay = Too Good (Cd Sorry About Last Night)

U2 (Irlanda) = One (Cd Achtung Baby)

Marisa Monte e Paulinho da Viola = Carinhoso (Cd Meu Tempo e Hoje)


21:45 Bloco Musical 21:45

Louie Austen = Glamour Girl (Cd Hotel Costes 10)

Diana Krall = Just The Way You Are (Cd Live In Paris)

Lenine e Cristina Braga = Certas Coisas (Cd Nelson 70)

Rod Stewart e Bridget Cady = Didn’t I

Laurie Anderson = Strange Angels (Cd Stange Angels)


22:05 Bloco Musical 22:05

The Brand New Heavies = Have a Good Time (Cd Brothersister)

Macy Gray = I Try  (Cd On How Life Is)

Criolo = Eterea

The War And Tready = Set My Soul On Fire (Cd Down To The River)

Josh Rouse = Laughter (Cd Home)


22:25 Bloco Musical 22:25

Paloma Faith = Never Tear Us Apart (Cd Fall To Grace)

Mick Hucknall = The Girl That Radiates That Charm (Cd American Soul)

Leftover Cuties = Don’t Think Twice Its All Right (EP Departures)

Mystic Diversions (Italia) = Float On (Cd No Ordinary Chill)


22:45 Bloco Musical 22:45

Jack Johnson = Questions ( Cd Curious George )

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = From The Stalls (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)

Kevin Johansen = All I Wanna Do Is You ( Cd City Zen)

Stacey Kent = So Nice ( Cd A Fine Romance)

Ziggy Marley = Dragonfly (Cd Dragonfly)


23:05 Bloco Musical 23:05

Touch And Go = Are You Talking About Me ( Cd I Find You Very Attractive )

Sugarland = The One I Love

T.L.C = No Scrubs (Cd Fanmail)

Mark Knopfler = Broken Bones (Cd Tracker)

John Mayer = Your Body Is a Wonderland (Cd Room For Squares)


23:25 Bloco Musical 23:25

George White Group = Gypsy Woman ( Cd Jazz And 90s )

Tukuleur ( Senegal ) = Africa ( Cd Cover The World )

Tuck And Patti = In My Life (Cd Learning How To Fly)

Jean Pierre Noher (Argentina) = Sympatique (Cd Her O Noher)


23:45 Bloco Musical 23:45

R.E.M = Walk It Back (Cd Collapse Into Now)

Kaissa (Camaroes) = Nika Pata Lambo (Cd Global Soul)

Caetano Veloso = O Samba e O Tango (Cd Fina Estampa Ao Vivo)

David Byrne e Brian Eno = My Big Nurse (Cd Everything That Happens Will Happen Today)

Regina Spektor = The Calculation (Cd Far)


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