Playlist Itapema: confira a programação desta sexta-feira (28/05/2021)

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Bryan Ferry



Confira a programação desta sexta-feira (28/05/2021)

Foto em destaque: Bryan Ferry


00:05 Bloco Musical 00:05

Chris Barber, Van Morrison (Irlanda)= Outskirts Of Town

Aimee Mann = Patient Zero (Cd Mental Illness)

Nuno Mindélis e Zélia Duncan = Gosto do Jeito ( Cd Outros Nunos )

US3 (Inglaterra) = You Can’t Hold Me Down (Cd An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place)

Unforscene = Alright (cd Hotel Costes 12)


00:25 Bloco Musical 00:25

Nei Lisboa = Pra Te Lembrar ( Cd Relógios de Sol )

Eric Clapton = Gotta Get Over (Cd Old Sock)

Aimee Mann = I’Ve Had It

Leonard Cohen (Canada) = You Got Me Singing

Maya Fadeeva = What A Wonderful World


00:45 Bloco Musical 00:45

The Hi Fly Orchestra e Julia Fehenberger = I Got Hope (Lack Of Afro Remix)

Supertramp = Breakfast In America (Cd Breakfast In America)

Marisa Rotenberg = Boa Hora (Cd Boa Hora)

George Michael = Roxanne ( Cd Songs From The Last Century )

Martin Gore = Compulsion (Cd Counterfeit)


01:05 Bloco Musical 01:05

Norah Jones = New York City (Cd New York City)

Thin Lizzy (Irlanda) = Still In Love With You (Cd Nightlife)

Vanessa Da Mata = Onde Ir

Cibelle = Underneath The Mango Tree (Cd Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel)

Blundetto (Franca) e Clement Petit (Franca) = Love Me (Cd World Of)


01:25 Bloco Musical 01:25

Elvis Costello e The Roots = Walk Us Uptown (Cd Wise Up Ghost)

Gilberto Gil = O Oco do Mundo ( Cd Banda Larga Cordel )

The Sundays = You Are Not The Only One I Know

Delerium e Sarah McLachlan = Silence (Cd Chillout A Nettwerk Escape)


01:45 Bloco Musical 01:45

Nando Reis e Andréa Martins = Luz Dos Olhos (Cd Luau MTV)

Malik Adouane = Papa Was A Rolling Stone

General Elektriks = Bloodshot Eyes (Cd Good City For Dreamers)

Nitin Sawhney e Paul McCartney = My Soul (Cd London Undersound)


02:05 Bloco Musical 02:05

Djavan = Não e um Bolero (Cd Vidas Pra Contar)

Pink Turtle (Franca) = Sultans of Swing (Cd La Mode)

Jack Johnson = My Mind Is For Sale (Cd All The Light Above It Too)

Ilhan Ersahin e Jane Birkin = Fathers And Daughters (Cd Wonderland)

Keb Mo = Let Your Light Shine (Cd Keep It Simple)


02:25 Bloco Musical 02:25

Skye = Call Me (Cd Hollywood Mon Amour)

Beck = Tropicália (cd Mutations)

Ney Matogrosso = Sorte

Amigo The Devil = Hell And You

Afterlife e Batistessa = Let It Go ( Cd The Afterlife Lounge )


02:45 Bloco Musical 02:45

Travis = The Connection (Cd Mantra Mix)

Joe Cocker = Could You Be Loved (Cd Across From Midnight)

Caetano Veloso = Lua e Estrela (Cd Outras Palavras)

Gare Du Nord = Excellounge Bar (Cd In Search Of Excellounge)

Louie Austen = Wild Thing (CD Last Man Crooning)


03:05 Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


03:25 Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


03:45 Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


04:05 Bloco Musical 04:05

Marisa Monte = Rosa (Cd Mais)

Rolling Stones = I Can’t Quit You Baby (Cd Blue And Lonesome)

David Gray = Who’s Singing Now (Cd Foundling)

Dida = Spring Time Slumber (Cd Modern Love Songs)

U2 = With Or Without You (Cd The Joshua Tree)


04:25 Bloco Musical 04:25

Astrud Gilberto e Thievery Corporation = Light My Fire (Cd Sounds From The Verve Hi-Fi)

Jaffa = Sneakin (Cd Elevator)

Roberta Sá = Esquirlas (Cd Segunda Pele)

Aloe Blacc = Ticking Bomb (Trilha de Battlefield 4)

Sabrina Starke = Do For Love (Cd Yellow Brick Road)


04:45 Bloco Musical 04:45

Dianne Reeves = Smile (Cd Quiet After The Storm)

Ben L’Oncle Soul = Sympathique (Cd Select 2010 Music For Our Friends)

Sergio Britto e Marcela Mangabeira = Sol e Água Limpa (Cd Pura Bossa Nova)

Beastie Boys = Groove Holmes

Wyclef Jean = Kiss The Sky (Cd Jouvert)


05:05 Bloco Musical 05:05

War = Why Can’t We Be Friends

Cake = Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Cd Fashion Nugget)

Tatiana Dauster = Alívio do Diluvio

América = Ventura Highway ( Cd America In Concert )

Mondo Cozmo = Shine


05:25 Bloco Musical 05:25

Arnaldo Antunes = Saiba ( DVD Ao Vivo No Estúdio )

FM Laeti = Sunshine On My Face (Cd It Will All Come Around)

I Muvrini e Sting = Terre D'oru (Cd In Bloom)

Dida (Israel) = Love Song Gone Wrong (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Fleetwood Mac = Dreams (cd The Dance)


05:45 Bloco Musical 05:45

El Debarge e Art Porter = Dindi (cd a Twist Of Jobim)

India Dot Arie = Heaven

Thais Gulin = Garoto de Aluguel

K.D. Lang = What Better Said (Cd Invincible Summer)

Iva Lamkum = Why Do We Fall In Love (Cd Black Eagle)


06:05 Bloco Musical 06:05

Terry Evans = Live Love And Be Friends (Cd Blues For Thought)

Till Bronner = Her Smile (Cd The Good Life)

Bebel Gilberto = All Around (Cd Bebel Gilberto)

Ivy = Edge Of The Ocean (Cd Chillout A Nettwerk Escape)

Jack Johnson = Fragments (Cd All The Light Above It Too)


06:25 Bloco Musical 06:25

Marco Barone = Vinheta Rede Fogo

Paulinho Moska = Sonífera Ilha (cd Através Do Espelho)

Laura Padaratz e Reis do Nada = Summertime

John Mayer = Crossroads (Cd Battle Studies)

David Gilmour = Faces Of Stone (Cd Rattle That Lock)

G. Love And Special Sauce = Honor And Harmony


06:45 Bloco Musical 06:45

Bruce Lash = Psycho killer

Thon Soriedem = Sunset In Paradise (Jazz Mix)

Milton Nascimento = Anima

Brian Wilson e She And Him = On The Island (Cd No Pier Pressure)

Deep Forest = Sweet Lullaby (Cd Deep Forest)


07:05 Bloco Musical 07:05

Fernanda Takai = Com Açúcar, Com Afeto (Cd Onde Brilhem Os Olhos Seus)

Bob Dylan = Jokerman

Willie Nelson = Something You Get Through (Cd Last Man Standing)

Amy Winehouse, Paul Weller e Jools Holland = I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Live On Jools Holland Hootenanny 2006)


07:25 Bloco Musical 07:25

Soul Goodman, Waldeck e Patrizia Ferrara = Lady in Green (Surprise 20 Years Dope Noir)

Lenny Kravitz = Sister (Cd Are you gonna go my way)

Eric Hilton = Infinite Everywhere (Cd Infinite Everywhere)

Claudio Zoli = Gostava Tanto de Você (Cd Na Pista)


07:45 Bloco Musical 07:45

Speech = Like Marvin Gaye Said (Cd Melody Maker)

J.J. Cale = Don t Call Me Joe (Cd Stay Around)

Gal Costa, Rodrigo Amarante = Avarandado

Nação Zumbi = Sexual Healing (Cd Radiola NZ)

Mayra Andrade = Ilha de Santiago (Cd Lovely Difficult)


08:05 Bloco Musical 08:05

Stacey Kent = Bibbidi Bobbid Boo (Cd Jazz Loves Disney)

Otis Redding = Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

Tom Ze = Sao Sao Paulo (Cd Imprensa Cantada)

Paul McCartney = Early Days (Cd New)

Depeche Mode = Personal Jesus ( Acústico)


08:25 Bloco Musical 08:25

The Cosmic Surfer = Even Mermaids Get the Blues

Eagles = Tequila Sunrise (Ao Vivo)

Dida = Didas Blues (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Joe Satriani = Yesterdays Yesterday (Cd Shapeshifting)

Aline Muniz = Da Pá Virada (Cd Da Pa Virada)


08:45 Bloco Musical 08:45

Romulo Froes e Arnaldo Antunes = Rap Em Latim (Um Labirinto em Cada Pe)

Keb’Mo = Grandmas Hands (Cd Big Wide Grin)

Jay Jay Johanson = November (Cd Bury The Hatchet)

Morrissey = I Am Not Sorry (Cd You Are Quarry)

Roy Hargrove e RH Factor = Crazy Race (Cd Distractions)


09:05 Bloco Musical 09:05

Matt Bianco = Heart In Chains (Cd Gravity)

Basia e Matt Bianco = Fire In The Blood

Criolina = Negra Noite (Cd Radiola em Transe)

Hailey Tuck = Cry to Me (Cd Junk)

Ezra Collective e TY= Chapter 7 (Cd Chapter 7)


09:25 Bloco Musical 09:25

Chet Faker = Get High

Ciavatta = É Preciso Perdoar

Jonny Lang = My Love Remains (Cd Turn Around)

Coldplay = Cry Cry Cry (Cd Everyday Life)

Iziniga e Acacia = Island Blues


09:45 Bloco Musical 09:45

Mayer Hawthorne = Wine Glass Woman (Cd Where Does This Door Go)

Twinset = Sunny

Cassia Eller e Nando Reis = Relicário ( Dvd Acustico Mtv )

Suzanne Vega = Penitent (Cd Songs In Red And Gray)

Erlend Oye = Garota (Cd Legao)


10:05 Bloco Musical 10:05

Bob Marley And The Wailers = Three Little Birds (Cd Legend)

Flora Martinez = What A Difference A Day Makes (Cuando Vuelva a tu lado)

Luzia Dvorek = A Ilusão da Casa (Cd Luzia)

Laure Briard = Cravado (Cd Coração Louco)

Neil Young = Change Your Mind (Cd The Complex Sessions)


10:25 Bloco Musical 10:25

Soul Sugar e Leonardo Carmichael = Why Can’t We Live Together (Cd Why Cant We Live Together)

Walk Off The Earth = Royals

Michael Hutchence = Spill The Wine

Alanis Morissette = Crazy (Cd Collection)


10:45 Bloco Musical 10:45

2Raumwohnung = Somebody Lonely And Me (Cd Nacht)

Jamiroquai = Picture of My Life (Cd A Funk Odyssey)

Caetano Veloso = Fora de Ordem (Cd Grandes Nomes)

George Benson e Al Jarreau = Breezin’ ( Cd Givin It Up )


11:05 Bloco Musical 11:05

Yusuf Islam = Father And Son (DVD Yusuf s Cafe Session)

Norah Jones e Peter Malick Group = New York City Tourist Remix (Cd The Remix Album)

Silva = Infinito Particular (Cd Silva Canta Marisa)

Mustafa Sandal = Aya Benzer (Cd Araba)


11:25 Bloco Musical 11:25

The Cranberries = When You’re Gone (Cd Something Else)

The Doors e Blondie = Riders On The Storm e Rapture (Mark Vidler Mashup)

Marcia Griffiths = The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Cd Sweet And Nice)

Playing For Change = Gimme Shelter (Cd Songs Around The World)


11:45 Bloco Musical 11:45

Marcia Salomon = Quando o Carnaval Chegar

Michael Kiwanuka = Cold Little Heart (Live Session)

Angie Stone = These Eyes (Cd Covered In Soul)

Carly Simon = Halfway Round The World ( Cd Letters Never Sent )


12:05 Bloco Musical 12:05

Meio Dia em Ponto Itapema

Gilberto Gil = Quatro Pedacinhos (Cd Ok Ok Ok)

No Stopa = Strangelove (Cd Novo Pratico Coração)

Sting = Lithium Sunset  (Cd Mercury Falling)

Eric Clapton e Mark Knopfler = Someday (Cd The Breeze An Appreciation of JJ Cale)


12:25 Bloco Musical 12:25

Alceu Valença = Estação Da Luz (Cd Sem Pensar No Amanhã)

Ry Cooder = Three Cool Cats (Cd Chavez Ravine)

Diggs Duke = Something In My Soul (Cd Offering For Anxious)

Melgroove = J Attendrai (Cd Global Soul)

Lenine = A Ponte (Cd Acustico Mtv)


12:45 Bloco Musical 12:45

Ben Watt = Sunlight Follows The Night

Amy Winehouse = I Love You More Than You ll Ever Know

Zé Ricardo = Eu Só Quero um Xodó

John Mayer e Herbie Hancock = Stitched Up ( Cd Possibilities )

Cocoon = On May Way


13:05 Bloco Musical 13:05

Stevie Wonder = Loves In Need Of Love Today (Songs In The Key Of Life)

Fito Paez e Rita Lee = Ojos Rojos (Cd Naturaleza Sangre)

Cake = Long Line Of Cars (cd Comfort Eagle)

Zee Avi (Malasia) = Swell Window (Cd Ghostbird)


13:25 Bloco Musical 13:25

Bowerbirds = The Rules (Cd Becalmyounglovers)

Adriana Calcanhoto = Esquadros (Cd Senhas)

Charles Bradley e Menahan Street Band = The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Donavon Frankenreiter = The Way You Catch The Light

Kate Bush (Inglaterra) = Nocturn (Cd Aerial )


13:45 Bloco Musical 13:45

Joao Bosco = Se Você Jurar ( Cd da Licença Meu Senhor )

U2 (irlanda) = Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Gotan Project = Tu Misterio (Cd Tango Three Point Zero)

Tiago Iorc = Ticket To Ride (Cd Let Yourself In)

Shawn Lee e The Superimposers = Don't Let That Feeling (Cd Sing A Song)


14:05 Bloco Musical 14:05

Blundetto (Franca) e General Elektriks = Sunset Stroll (Cd Bad Bad Things)

Keb Mo = Wake Up Everybody (Cd Back By Popular Demand)

Marina De La Riva e Davi Moraes = Sonho Meu

Mister T. And Jean Honeymoon = The Secret (Ep The Secret)

Alex Ebert = Stronger (Cd I vs I)


14:25 Bloco Musical 14:25

Van Morrison = Only a Song

Djavan = Boa Noite (Cd Coisa de Acender)

Belle And Sebastian (Escocia) = If She Wants Me (Cd Dear Catastrophe Waitress)

Selah Sue = Explanations (Cd Selah Sue)


14:45 Bloco Musical 14:45

Karla Sabah = Corações Psicodélicos (Cd Drum N ‘Bossa)

Toots And The Maytals e Willie Nelson = Still Is Still Moving To Me (Cd True Love)

Shemekia Copeland = Such A Pretty Flame (Cd America s Child)

The Zombies = Time Of The Season (Cd Odissey And Oracle)

Smooth = Another Life (Cd The Parade)


15:05 Bloco Musical 15:05

John Martyn = The Glory Of Love (Cd Head And Heart)

Soft Picasso = For Your Own (What s To Become Of Us)

Arnaldo Antunes = A Samba (Cd RSTUVXZ)

G. Love And Special Sauce = Lay Down The Law (Cd Yes, It s That Easy)

The Cosmic Surfer = Cosmic Surfer


15:25 Bloco Musical 15:25

Paul McCartney e Beck = Find My Way (Cd McCartney III Imagined)

Fernanda Abreu = Eu Quero Sol

Beth Orton = Anywhere (Cd Daybreaker)

Melody Gardot = Preacherman


15:45 Bloco Musical 15:45

Maria Rita = Cara Valente (Cd Maria Rita)

Snoh Aalegra = Under The Influence

Tukuleur = Africa ( Cd Cover The World )

Citizen Cope = Yella (Cd Heroin And Helicopters)

Bob Marley And The Wailers = Waiting In Vain (Cd Legend)


16:05 Bloco Musical 16:05

The Moleskins = I Feel The Earth Move (Cd House Jazz Masters)

Black Pumas = Colors

Cris Delanno = Gaiolas Abertas (CD Cris Delanno)

Cat Stevens = Wild World (2020 Mix)(Cd Tea For The Tillerman Deluxe)

Aldous Harding = The Barrel (Cd Designe)


16:25 Bloco Musical 16:25

Parker Millsap = Vulnerable (Cd Be Here Millsap)

Caetano Veloso = Debaixo Dos Caracóis Dos Seus Cabelos (Cd Circulado Ao Vivo)

Maroon Five = This Love (Acustic)

Suzanne Vega = Your Maggie May (Cd Songs In Red And Gray)

Parov Stelar (Austria) e Lightin Hopkins = The Burning Spider (Cd The Burning Spider)


16:45 Bloco Musical 16:45

Portugal The Man = Tidal Wave (Cd Woodstock)

Morcheeba = World Looking In (Cd Fragments Of Freedom)

Ney Matogrosso = Poema (cd Olhos De Farol)

Hailey Tuck = Sunday Morning (EP Hailey Tuck)

Busty and the Bass e Macy Gray = Out of Love


17:05 Bloco Musical 17:05

Roberta Sa = Segunda pele (Cd Segunda Pele)

Mick Hucknall = Lonely Avenue (Cd American Soul)

Angus and Julia Stone (Australia) = Heart Beats Slow

The Fort Knox Five = The Brazilian Hipsters (Cd Costes 7)

Chris Isaak = Five Fifteen (Cd San Francisco Days)


17:25 Bloco Musical 17:25

Ringo Starr = Waiting For The Tide To Turn (Zoom In EP)

Marina Lima = Stromboli (Cd O Chamado)

Madonna = Falling Free (Cd MDNA)

Sting = Shape Of My Heart (Cd My Songs)


17:45 Bloco Musical 17:45

Cyndi Lauper = Until You Come Back To Me (Cd At Last)

Amos Lee = No More Darkness No More Light (Cd My New Moon)

Itamar Assumpção = Leva Meu Samba (Cd Pra Sempre Agora)

The Whitest Boy Alive = Intentions (Cd Rules)

Lenny Kravitz = Ride (Edit)


18:05 Bloco Musical 18:05

Seis em Ponto Itapema

Eric Clapton = Further On Down The Road (Cd Old Sock)

Mark Knopfler = Wag The Dog

Mart’nália = Os Sinais (Cd Nao Tente Compreender)


18:25 Bloco Musical 18:25

The Teskey Brothers = Never Tear Us Apart

Emilia Carmona e Wax Poetic = Rebojo ( Cd Wax Poetic Brasil )

Colin Hay = Who Can It Be Now (Cd Man @ Work)

Marian Hill = I Want You (Cd Act One)

Zaz (Franca) = La Fee (Cd Recto Verso)


18:45 Bloco Musical 18:45

Jorg Burger = Modernism Begins At Home (Cd Night e Day)

Joss Stone e Common = Tell Me What We've Gonna Do Now (Cd Introducing Joss Stone)

Herbert Vianna = Só Sei Amar Assim (Cd Victoria)

Caro Emerald = I m Yours

Bryan Ferry = Driving Me Wild (Cd Avonmore)


19:05 Bloco Musical 19:05

Gal Costa = Mae (Cd Água Viva)

Zoowax = Taxi Driver (Cd Zoowax)

Projeto Time For Climate Justice = Beds Are Burning

Cathedrals = Harlem

Enya = Orinoco Flow


19:25 Bloco Musical 19:25

Nick Watherhouse = Place Names (Cd Promenade Blue)

Ben Harper = Diamonds On The Inside (Cd Diamonds On The Inside)

Dan Auerbach = King Of A One Horse Town (Cd Waiting On A Song)

The Brand New Heavies = Have a Good Time (Cd Brothersister)

Zélia Duncan = Beleza Facil (Cd Sortimento)


19:45 Bloco Musical 19:45

Pink Martini = Hey Eugene (Cd Hey Eugene)

Cassandra Wilson = Go To Mexico (Cd Thunderbird)

Marisa Monte = Vai Saber ( Cd Universo Ao meu Redor )

Shirley Bassey e Kenny Dope = Light My Fire (Cd Nu Cool Hedkandy)

Bonnie Raitt = I Knew (Cd Dig In Deep)


20:05 Bloco Musical 20:05

Buddy Guy e Carlos Santana = Where The Blues Begins (Cd Living Proof)

America = Sister Golden Hair ( Cd America In Concert )

Fito Paez e Paulinho Moska = Locura Total (Cd Locura Total)

Arlo Parks = Hope

Jack Johnson = Staple It Together ( Cd In Between Dreams )


20:25 Bloco Musical 20:25

Spoon = Breakdown (Live)

Bill Gable = All The Posters Come Down (CD There Were Signs)

Elderbrook = Could (Cd Simmer Down)

Pete Yorn e Scarlett Johansson = Shampoo (Cd Break Up)

Céu = Carinhoso


20:45 Bloco Musical 20:45

Robbie Robertson e Van Morrison = I Hear You Paint Houses (Cd Sinematic)

Stac = Cry To Me

Zeca Baleiro = Meu Amor Meu Bem me Ame

Wyclef Jean (The Fugees) e Norah Jones = Any Other Day ( Cd Carnival Two )

Groove Armada = History (Cd Black Light)


21:05 Bloco Musical 21:05

Long Lost Relative, Bajka e Yarah Bravo = Between Machines And Dreams

Dido = Thank You (Live Acoustic)

Djavan = Fato Consumado (Cd na Pista, Etc)

George Ezra = Budapest (Cd Wanted On Voyage)

The Cure = Lullaby


21:25 Bloco Musical 21:25

Gilberto Gil, Gilsons e Bem Gil = Refloresta

Chuck Berry = You Go To My Head

Charles Pasi = From The City (Cd Bricks)

John Mayer = Heartbreak Warfare

Titãs = É Preciso Saber Viver (Cd Volume Dois)


21:45 Bloco Musical 21:45

Keith Carradine = I’m Easy (Trilha de Nashville)

Sergio Mendes = Scarborough Fair (Cd Celebration a Musical Journey)

Bebel Gilberto = All In One (Cd All In One)

Los Lonely Boys = Heaven

Billy Cobham = Le Lis Radio Vocal (Drum N Voice)


22:05 Bloco Musical 22:05

Cat Stevens = On The Road To Find Out (Cd Tea For The Tillerman 2)

Loopa  Scava e Cayetano (Grecia)= When Music Starts (Cd Up And Down)

Toco = Outro Lugar (Cd Outro Lugar)

FM Laeti = Rise In The Sun (Cd It Will All Come Around)

Genesis = Thats All (1983)


22:25 Bloco Musical 22:25

Rita Lee = A Hard Day s Night (Cd Aqui, Ali, Em Qualquer Lugar)

Gare Du Nord = You Are My Medicine (Cd Urban Jazz Rebels Mix)

Angie Stone = Oh Oh Child (Cd Covered In Soul)

Paul Weller = Oh Happy Day ( Cd Wild Wood )


22:45 Bloco Musical 22:45

Everything But The Girl = Missing (Cd Amplified Heart)

Benjamin Booker = Believe (Cd Witness)

Bia = La Nuit Des Masques (cd La Memoire Du Vent)

U2 (irlanda) = In a Little While (Now Mix)

Quincy Jones Brandy e Heavy D = Rock With You


23:05 Bloco Musical 23:05

Everlast = Lonely Road (Cd White Trash Beautiful)

Satin Jackets e Chris Jylkke = Rolling In The Deep

Lenine e Suzano = A Gandaia das Ondas (Cd Olho de Peixe)

Coldplay = Magic (Cd Ghost Stories)

Buddy Holly = That Will Be The Day


23:25 Bloco Musical 23:25

Ayo = Sunny

Ive Mendes = If You Leave Me Now (Cd Hotel Byblos)

Eric Clapton = Love In Vain (Cd Me and Mr Johnson)

Sublime = Rivers Of Babylon

Rolling Stones = Little Rain (Cd Blue And Lonesome)


23:45 Bloco Musical 23:45

Robben Ford = Fair Child (Cd Bringing It Back Home)

Michael Franti e Spearhead = Bomb The World ( Cd Everyone Deserves Music )

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = La Trama Y El Desenlace (Cd Amar La Trama)

Zach Ashton = The Sound Of You Leaving

R.E.M. = Losing My Religion (Cd Unplugged Mtv)


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