Playlist Itapema: confira a programação deste domingo (18/07/2021)

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Johnny Cash



Confira a programação deste domingo (18/07/2021)

Foto em destaque: Johnny Cash


00:05 Bloco Musical 00:05

Sabrina Starke = Happy (Cd Bags And Suitcases)

Nelly Furtado = Crazy

Marisa Monte e Rodrigo Amarante = O Que Se Quer (Cd O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade)

Peter Green = Smile ( Cd Reaching The Cold Hundred )

Dave Matthews Band = Lying In The Hands God (Cd Big Whiskeys And The Groogrux King))


00:25 Bloco Musical 00:25

Luiz Melodia = Feeling Da Música ( Cd Retrato Do Artista Quando Coisa )

Ziggy Marley e Stephen Marley = Heaven Can’t Take It (Ziggy Marley)

Prince = Reflection (Cd Musicology)

Dual Sessions = Fly Me To The Moon (Cd Jazz Remixes)

Jack Johnson = Fragments (Cd All The Light Above It Too)


00:45 Bloco Musical 00:45

Mayer Hawthorne = Henny and Gingerale

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers = Short Wave Radio ( Cd Road Dogs )

Vitor Ramil = Foi No Mês Que Vem (Cd Foi No Mês Que Vem)

Bess Cavendish = Groove Is In The Heart

Club Bangahs = Drop Dem Draws (Cd Headless)


01:05 Bloco Musical 01:05

Sade = Cherry Pie (Live From San Diego)

Groove Armada = History (Cd Black Light)

Caetano Veloso = Forca Estranha (DVD Zii e Zie Mtv Ao Vivo)

Wyclef Jean (The Fugees) e Celia Cruz = Guantanamera (Cd Greatest Hits)

Skye And Ross = How To Fly


01:25 Bloco Musical 01:25

Sinkane = How We Be (Cd Mean Love)

Marvin e Banda Sul = Harlem Shuffle (Cd Bossa And Stones)

Simone = Geraldinos e Arquibaldos (Cd Simone Na Veia)

Youssou N’Dour = She Doesnt Need to Fall (Cd From Village To Town)

Regina Spektor = The Calculation (Cd Far)


01:45 Bloco Musical 01:45

Fernanda Porto = Giramundo

Karen Souza = Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Cd Jazz And 70s)

Delerium e Sarah McLachlan = Silence (Cd Odyssey)

Purple Disco Machine feat Sophie and the Giants = Hypnotized (Roosevelt Remix)


02:05 Bloco Musical 02:05

Paula Toller e Kevin Johansen = Glass I Am So Brazilian (Cd Dvd Nosso)

Hess Is More = Heart Of Glass (Tribute Number One)

5 Nizza = I Believe In You

Santana e Everlast = Put Your Lights On (Cd Supernatural)

Ismael Lo  e T. Meya = Africa ( Cd Hip Hop Meets World )


02:25 Bloco Musical 02:25

Johnny Cash = Heart Of Gold

Miriam Makeba = Sing Me a Song

Frejat = Cartas e Versos

Malia = I Feel It Like You

Shawn Lee e Nino Moschella = Kiss The Sky ( Cd Voices and Choices )


02:45 Bloco Musical 02:45

Keb’Mo’ = Get Together (Cd Back By Popular Demand)

Norah Jones = Sinkin’ Soon ( Cd Not Too Late )

Claudio Zoli = Gostava Tanto de Você (Cd Na Pista)

Sharon Shannon (irlanda) = Cavan Potholes

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = Quiet Dawn (Cd Nine)


03:05 Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


03:25 Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


03:45 Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


04:05 Bloco Musical 04:05

Roberta Sá = Falsa Baiana (Cd Sambas e Bossas)

Eric Clapton = Change The World ( Trilha de Phenomeno )

Ayo = How Many People (Cd Billie Eve)

Van Morrison (Irlanda) e Chris Farlowe = Born to Sing (Cd Duets)

Sean Lennon = Wait For Me (CD Friendly Fire)


04:25 Bloco Musical 04:25

Gare Du Nord = How Was It For You (Cd Lilywhite Soul)

Cornershop = Good To Be On The Road Back Home

Gilberto Gil = Graça Divina (cd Quanta)

J.J. Cale e Eric Clapton = Ride The River ( Cd The Road To Escondido )

Amy Winehouse e Mutya Buena = B Boy Baby


04:45 Bloco Musical 04:45

Dire Straits = Six Blade Knife

Alabama Shakes = I Found You (Cd Boys And Girls)

Arnaldo Antunes e Marisa Monte  = Grao de Amor (Cd Saiba)

Tok Tok Tok = Get Back (Cd Revolution 69)

The Hi Fly Orchestra e Julia Fehenberger = I Got Hope (Lack Of Afro Remix)


05:05 Bloco Musical 05:05

Mark Knopfler e James Taylor = Sailing To Philadelphia (Cd Sailing To Philadelphia)

Playing For Change = Gimme Shelter (Cd Songs Around The World)

Rita Ribeiro = Ha Mulheres (Cd Perolas Aos Povos)

Rad = Gotta Be

Joss Stone = Harrys Symphony  (Cd Water For Your Soul)


05:25 Bloco Musical 05:25

Arto Lindsay = Habite em Mim (Cd Salt)

Blank and Jones e Howard Werth = I Had A Dream (Cd Relax Edition Seven)

Buddy Guy e Derek Trucks = Skin Deep (Cd Skin Deep)

Till Bronner = Her Smile (Cd The Good Life)

Malik Alary e Manu D =  I Have To Run Away (Cd Nothing And Still The Same)


05:45 Bloco Musical 05:45

Blundetto Hugh Coltman e Shawn Lee = Hercules (Cd Warm my Soul)

Madeleine Peyroux = I Threw It All Away (Cd Standing On The Rooftop)

Pedro Abrunhosa e Zélia Duncan = Hoje É Tudo ou Nada (Cd Palco)

U2 (Irlanda) = A Man And Woman (Cd How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)

Finley Quaye e Beth Orton = Dice (Cd Much More Than Much Love)


06:05 Bloco Musical 06:05

Eddie Vedder = Society (Cd Into The Wild)

The Moleskins = Here Comes The Rain Again (Cd House Jazz Masters)

Leny Andrade = Homenagem Ao Malandro

John Grant e Midlake = I Wanna Go To Marz (Cd Queen Of Denmark)

Bjork = Human Behaviour


06:25 Bloco Musical 06:25

Robin Thicke = The Things You Do To Me (Cd On Earth and In Heaven)

Marisa Monte = Vai Saber ( Cd Universo Ao meu Redor )

Marian Hill = I Want You (Cd Act One)

The Ray Mann Three (Alemanha) = Smile

Allison Moorer = Here Comes The Sun


06:45 Bloco Musical 06:45

Mika = I Went To Hell Last Night (Cd My Name Is Michael Holbrook)

Kyrsten = Feel Like Making Love ( Cd Departure Lounge )

Pedro Luiz = Idade Media Moderna (Cd  Idade Media Moderna)

A J Croce = Smokin Good Time (Cd A J Croce)

Apollo 9 = I Am A Rocker ( Cd Res Inexplicata Volans )


07:05 Bloco Musical 07:05

Mario Ghanna = Diz que vai (Cd O Blues e Uma Mulher)

George Harrison = Someplace Else (Cd Cloud Nine)

Pete Yorn e Scarlett Johansson = Shampoo (Cd Break Up)

A-Ha = Take On Me

Belle And Sebastian = I Will Be Your Pilot (Cd How To Solve Our Human Problems)


07:25 Bloco Musical 07:25

Bonnie Prince Billy e Matt Sweeney = Resist The Urge

Lenine = Hoje Eu Quero Sair So (CD DVD Acústico MTV)

Chris Isaak = Somebody is Crying (Cd Forever Blue)

Nina Simone e Joe Claussell = Feelin’ Good (Cd Verve Remixed)

Phoenix = If I Ever Feel Better


07:45 Bloco Musical 07:45

Colin James (Canada) = Something Good (Cd Fuse)

Chet Faker = I’m Into You (Cd Thinking In Textures)

Cazuza = Ideologia

Stephane Pompougnac e Linda Lee Hopkins = Here’s To You ( Cd Hello Mademoiselle )

G. Love = Still Hangin Around ( Cd Lemonade )


08:05 Bloco Musical 08:05

Sting = I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Cd 57th And 9th)

Buckwheat Zydeco = Hey Good Lookin’ (Cd Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire)

Sergio Britto = Marvin (Acústico)

Blood Sweat And Tears = Spinning Wheel

Dirty Vegas = In This Life (Cd One)


08:25 Bloco Musical 08:25

Nick Watherhouse = Place Names (Cd Promenade Blue)

Dusty Springfield = Son Of A Preacher Man ( Cd Pulp Fiction )

Maribou State = Turnmills (Ep Kingdoms In Colour)

Kelton = Sem Concerto (Cd Manhã)

Fito Paez e Paulinho Moska = Impossivel Escrever Sobre nada (Cd Locura Total)


08:45 Bloco Musical 08:45

Travis e Josephine Oniyama = Idlewild (Cd Everything At Once)

Raphael Gualazzi = I Wanna Be Like You (Cd Jazz Loves Disney)

Herbert Vianna e Erika Martins = Inbetween Days (Cd O Som do Sim)

Elliott Smith = Son of Sam (Acoustic)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan e Massive Attack = Mustt Mustt (Cd Asian Vibes)


09:05 Bloco Musical 09:05

Macy Gray = Help Me (Cd The Sellout)

The Verve = Sonnet (Cd Urban Hymns)

Silva = A Cor É Rosa

Pink Turtle = Give a Little Bit (Cd A La Mode)

The Beautiful Girls = Lets Take The Long Way Home (Cd We Are Already Gone)


09:25 Bloco Musical 09:25

Current Joys = American Honey

Caetano Veloso = Gema (Cd Outras Palavras)

Obadiah Parker = Hey Ya (The Siren And The Saint)

Bonnie Raitt = I Knew (Cd Dig In Deep)

Santana e Rob Thomas = Smooth (Cd Supernatural)


09:45 Bloco Musical 09:45

David Bowie = Sorrow

Wilco = If I Ever Was A Child (Cd Schmilco)

Karla Sabah = Invisiveis Cores (Cd E Com Esse Que Eu Vou)

Carla Bruni = Highway To Hell (Cd French Toch)

Toufic Farrokh e Yasmine Hamdam = Lili Sen Fout (Cd Drab Zeen)


10:05 Bloco Musical 10:05

Paul McCartney e Wings = Tomorrow (Cd Wingspan)

Caro Emerald = History Repeating

Ney Matogrosso = Isso Nao Vai Ficar Assim (Cd Atento Aos Sinais)

Myron And E = If I Gave You My Love (Cd Broadway)

Air = Love (Cd Love 2)


10:25 Bloco Musical 10:25

Norah Jones = Don’t Know Why (Live)

Robert Cray e Albert Collins = She Is Into Something (Cd Showdown)

Angus And Julia Stone = Heart Beats Slow (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)

Mick Hucknall = Lonely Avenue (Cd American Soul)

Jorge Ben Jor e Caetano Veloso = Ive Brussel (Cd Salve Simpatia)


10:45 Bloco Musical 10:45

Jack Johnson = Sitting Waiting Wishing ( Cd In Between Dreams )

Sinead O Connor (Irlanda) = How About I Be Me (Cd I m Not Bossy I m The Boss)

Bia = Jardim (Cd 13 Nus)

Etta James = Hochie Coochie Gal (Cd Life Love and the Blues)

Meshell Ndegeocello = Leuiticus


11:05 Bloco Musical 11:05

Dave Grohl = If I Were Me (Cd Sound City)

R.E.M = Drive ( Cd Automatic For The People )

Gilberto Gil = Gueixa No Tatame ( Cd Banda Larga Cordel )

Meshell N’degeocello = Who Is He And What Is He To You

General Elektriks = Rebel Sun (Cd Good City For Dreamers)


11:25 Bloco Musical 11:25

Kings Of Convenience = Rocky Trail

Frejat = Por Voce (Acústico)

Michael Franti and Spearhead = I'm on Your Side

Betty Davis = Special People (Cd They Say I’m Different)

Mo Horizons = Walk Into Space (Cd Urban Fusion)


11:45 Bloco Musical 11:45

Daniel Groove = Jardim Suspenso (Cd Romance Pra Depois)

Lloyd Cole And The Commotions = Speedboat (Cd Live At Hammersmith Apollo)

Giana Factory = In Between (Cd Lemon Moon)

Keb Mo = Grandmas Hands (Cd Big Wide Grin)

Louie Austen = Glamour Girl (Cd Hotel Costes 10)


12:05 Bloco Musical 12:05

Thon Soriedem = Sunset In Paradise (Jazz Mix)

Rickie Lee Jones = Flying Cowboys

Affonsinho = La Em Yesterday (Cd Tropico de Peixes)

Awek e Ferd Kaplan e Derek Obrien = Hound Dog (Cd Long Distance)

Kenneth Bager e Jean Luc Ponty (Franca) = Love Won't Leave Me Alone (Cd Nu Cool Hedkandy)


12:25 Bloco Musical 12:25

Parker Millsap = Vulnerable (Cd Be Here Millsap)

World Party (inglaterra) = Sooner Or Later (Cd Bang)

U2 (Irlanda) = Summer Of Love (Cd Songs Of Experience)

Spirit = Natures Way (Cd Twelve Dreams Of Doctor. Sardonicus)

Adriana Calcanhoto e Erasmo Carlos = Ilegal, Imoral ou Engorda ( Cd Erasmo Carlos Convida 2 )


12:45 Bloco Musical 12:45

OMC (Nova Zelândia) = How Bizarre (Acustico)

Mayra Andrade = Ilha de Santiago (Cd Lovely Difficult)

Joao Bosco = Memoria da Pele (Cd Zona de Fronteira)

Pete Murray = So Beautiful  ( Cd Feeler )

Big Mama (Catalunia) e Victor Uris (Espanha) = No Way Out (Cd El Blues De LOmbra Blava)


13:05 Bloco Musical 13:05

The Rapture = In the Grace Of Your Love

Sting = Englishman In New York

Zélia Duncan = Distração (Cd Pré Pós tudo Bossa Band)

Leo Almeida = Vh Pass Mundo Itapema 8

Wax Taylor = How I Feel (Cd Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies)

Regina Spektor = Fidelity (Cd Begin To Hope)


13:25 Bloco Musical 13:25

Ben Howard = What A Day (Cd Collections From The Whiteout)

Paulinho Moska = Imã

Eric Bibb = Spirit I Am

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = I Don’t Worry About A Thing (Cd Amar La Trama)

Martin Solveig = On My Mind (Cd Sur La Terre)


13:45 Bloco Musical 13:45

Laid Back = House of the Rising Sun (Cd Healing Feeling)

Cocoon = On May Way

Lenine = La Vem A Cidade (Cd Labiata)

Sade (Anglo-nigeriana) = Slave Song

The Cranberries = In The End (Cd In The End)


14:05 Bloco Musical 14:05

Peter Doherty = Last Of The English Roses (Cd Grace Wastelands)

The Weeknd = In Your Eyes

Max de Castro = A Historia da Morena Nua (cd Orchestra Klaxon)

Nouvelle Vague = Heart Of Glass (Cd Band a Part)

Nick Mulvey = In Your Hands


14:25 Bloco Musical 14:25

Marisa Monte = Calma

Sergio Britto = Epifania

Prince = Space

Coldplay = Ink (Cd Ghost Stories)

The Chemical Brothers = One Too Many Mornings (CD Mantra Mix)


14:45 Bloco Musical 14:45

Daft Punk e Julian Casablancas = Instant Crush (Cd Randon Access Memory)

Carmen McRae = How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)

Ceu = High Tide or Low Tide

Eric Clapton = Got You On My Mind (Forever Man)

TM Juke = Playground Games (Cd Maps From The Wilderness)


15:05 Bloco Musical 15:05

Tom Petty = Only A Broken Heart ( Cd Wildflowers )

Everlast = It Aint Easy (Cd Whitey Fords House Of Pain)

Joao Gilberto = Eu Quero Um Samba

Marcela Mangabeira = Human Nature (CD Michael N Bossa)

Tom Misch e De La Soul = It Runs Through Me (Cd Geography)


15:25 Bloco Musical 15:25

Maya Fadeeva, Club Des Belugas = Youve Got A Friend In Me

Pavement = Spit On a Stranger (cd Terror Twilight)

Inna Modja = It Is Alright (Everyday Is A New World)

Joe Satriani = Chords Of Life (Cd Strange Beautiful Music)

Roberta Sa = Mais Alguem ( Cd Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria )


15:45 Bloco Musical 15:45

Jesse Harris = It’s Been Going Round (CD Sub Rosa)

Buddy Guy e Joss Stone = Baby You Got What It Takes (Cd Born to Play Guittar)

Caetano Veloso = If You Hold a Stone (Cd Caetano Veloso)

Dusty Springfield = Spooky

Royksopp = Remind me (Cd Melody A.M)


16:05 Bloco Musical 16:05

Morcheeba = Sounds Of Blue

Led Zeppelin = Dyer Maker (Cd Essentials)

Martnalia = Vai Saber (Cd Nao Tente Compreender)

Till Bronner = Human (Cd At The End Of The Day)

Natalie Merchant = It Is a Coming (Cd Natalie Merchant)


16:25 Bloco Musical 16:25

Paula Fuga, Jack Johnson e Ben Harper = If Ever

Chico Buarque = Dura Na Queda (Cd Carioca)

Dido = Hurricanes (Live Acoustic)

Peter Green = Smile ( Cd Reaching The Cold Hundred )

Peter Wolf = Its Raining (Cd A Cure For Loneliness)


16:45 Bloco Musical 16:45

Gal Costa = Mae (Cd Água Viva)

Les Go = I Cant Go For That ( Cd Cover The World )

Zaz (Franca) = Jai Deux Amours (Cd Paris)

Queen = Spread Your Wings

Maxwell = Get To Know You (cd Now)


17:05 Bloco Musical 17:05

Bia = La Nuit Des Masques (cd La Memoire Du Vent)

Lady Linn And Her Magnificent Seven = I Don t Wanna Dance

Iggy Pop = James Bond (Cd Free)

Joe Cocker = My Fathers Sun (Cd No Ordinary World)

Cunnie Williams e Monie Love = Saturday (cd Star Hotel)


17:25 Bloco Musical 17:25

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds = Were On Our Way Now

Timbuk Three = Standard White Jesus (Cd Edge of Allegiance)

Moriarty = Jimmy

Cowboy Junkies (Canada) e Rebel = I Dont Want To Be A Soldier (Cd Early 21 ST Century Blues)

Rita Lee = Reza (Cd Reza)


17:45 Bloco Musical 17:45

Rod Stewart = Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Cd Still The Same)

Punch Brothers = Julep (Cd The Phosphorescent Blues and The Wireless)

Rubel e Emicida = Mantra (Cd Casas)

Jack Johnson = Staple It Together ( Cd In Between Dreams )

Jakob Dylan = Something Good This Way Comes (Cd Seeing Things)


18:05 Bloco Musical 18:05

Paul McCartney = Follow Me (CD Chaos And Creation In The Backyard)

Cloud Control = Just For Now (Cd Bliss Release )

Ney Matogrosso = Sea ( Cd Inclassificaveis )

Playing For Change = Higher Ground (Cd Songs Around The World)

Victor Davies = Sound Of The Samba (Cd Brazilectro)


18:25 Bloco Musical 18:25

Karen Souza = Language Of Love

Gilberto Gil = Indigo Blue (Cd Raca Humana)

Talking Heads = The Lady Dont Mind ( Cd Little Creatures )

J.J. Cale = If We Try (Cd Stay Around)

Touch And Go = Life Is A Beach (Cd I Find You Very Attractive)


18:45 Bloco Musical 18:45

De Phazz = In My Power (Cd Lala 2 0)

Angie Stone = I Believe (Cd Covered In Soul)

Fito Paez e Paulinho Moska = Locura Total (Cd Locura Total)

David Bowie = Starman (Cd Bowie At The Beeb)

Portishead = Sour Times (cd Dummy)


19:05 Bloco Musical 19:05

Herbert Vianna e Erika Martins = Inbetween Days (Cd O Som do Sim)

Kas e Fatt Bros = I Feel Love (Cd Lounge Emotion)

Cigarettes After Sex = K (Cd Cigarettes After Sex)

Terence Trend Darby = Delicate ( Cd Symphony Or Damn )

Massive Attack e Shara Nelson = Safe From Harm (Cd Blue Lines)


19:25 Bloco Musical 19:25

AnaVitoria, Jorge Drexler = Lisboa Madrid

Bebel Gilberto = Lonely (Cd Tanto Tempo)

Erik Karol = Stella Errans (C Dralion)

FM Laeti = It Will All Come Around (Cd It Will All Come Around)

The Moleskins = I Feel The Earth Move (Cd House Jazz Masters)


19:45 Bloco Musical 19:45

Destroyer = Kaputt (Cd Kaputt)

Triggerfinger = I Follow Rivers

Titas e Fito Paez = Go Back (Cd Acustico)

Micatone = Thats The Way It Goes (Cd Nomad Songs)

Elvin Bishop = Stepping Up In Class


20:05 Bloco Musical 20:05

Elis Regina = Madalena (Cd Ela)

Willie Nelson = I Got Rhythm (Cd Summertime Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin)

Nick Waterhouse = It Number Three (Cd Holly)

Rolling Stones = Love Is Strong (Cd Voodoo Lounge)

Charles Bradley e Menahan Street Band = The World (Is Going Up In Flames)


20:25 Bloco Musical 20:25

Paul Weller = Still Glides The Stream (Cd Fat Pop)

Jorge Mautner = Maracatu Atômico

Thin Lizzy = Still In Love With You (Cd Nightlife)

The Cranberries = Iosa

K.D. Lang = Help Me ( Cd Ingenue )


20:45 Bloco Musical 20:45

Lauryn Hill = Feeling Good (Cd Nina Revisited)

Nuno Mindelis = It’s All About Love (Cd Angels And Clowns)

Zeca Baleiro = Maresia (Cd Lado Z Vol. 2)

Bob Seger = Still The Same

Rufus Wainwright = The One You Love (Cd Want Two)


21:05 Bloco Musical 21:05

Dida (Israel) = Jack Nice (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Lloyd Cole and The Commotions = Are you ready to be heartbroken

Lenine = Leve e Suave

Michael McDonald = I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Fat Freddys Drop = This Room (Cd B Sides and Rarities)


21:25 Bloco Musical 21:25

Monolink = Harlem River

Lenny Kravitz e Jay z = Storm (Cd Baptism)

Amy Winehouse e Quincy Jones = It’s My Party (Cd Q Soul Bossa Nostra)

The Pines = Cold ( CD Emiliano 5 )

Ceu = Malemolencia ( Instituto Mix)


21:45 Bloco Musical 21:45

Gabriel Garzon Montano = Keep On Running (Cd Bishoune Alma del Huila)

Betty Novallis = I Just Call To Say I Love You (Cd Songs I Love)

Funkolate e Astrid Jones = Mais Que Nada

Stealers Wheel = Stuck In The Middle With You (Cd Stealers Wheel)

Maroon Five = This Love (Acustic)


22:05 Bloco Musical 22:05

Ben Howard = Keep Your Head Up

Coeur De Pirate = I Kissed A Girl

Maria Bethania = Memorias Do Mar ( Cd Mar De Sophia )

Jethro Tull = Mother Goose ( Cd Aqualung )

Massivan = To Be The One With The World (Cd Primavera)


22:25 Bloco Musical 22:25

Marisa Monte = Calma

Adriana Calcanhoto = Inverno (Cd A Fábrica do Poema)

Les Negresses Vertes = I Love Paris ( Cd Le Grand Deballage )

Wyclef Jean = Kiss The Sky (Cd Jouvert)

Call And Response = Trapped Under Ice ( Cd Winds Take No Shape )


22:45 Bloco Musical 22:45

U2 = Electrical Storm

Elastic Bond = In Your Eyes (Cd Real)

Paulinho Da Viola = Meu Caro Amigo

Atili Bandalero e Cornell Campbell = Lay Down (Cd Cityscape)

Natacha Atlas = I Put a Spell On You (cd Ayeshteni)


23:05 Bloco Musical 23:05

Sade = Killer Blow

Lori Carson = I Saw The Light (Cd Everything I Touch Runs Wild)

Mahmundi = Outono

Polica = Lay Your Cards Out (Cd Give You The Ghost)

Michele Adamson = Tricky (Cd Fallen Angel)


23:25 Bloco Musical 23:25

Lizz Wright = Lean In (Cd Freedom And Surrender)

The Sundays = Summertime (Cd Static And Silence)

Joao Bosco = Memoria da Pele (Cd Zona de Fronteira)

Al Green = I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Cd Green Is Blues)

Stephane Pompougnac e Charles Schillings = Sunday Drive (Cd Hello Mademoiselle)


23:45 Bloco Musical 23:45

Zaz = Je Veux (Cd Zaz)

Paul Simon = Sure Don’t Feel Like Love (Cd Surprise)

Mundo Livre SA = Meu Esquema

The Puppini Sisters = I Will Survive (Cd Betcha Bottom Dollar)

Portugal The Man = Created (Cd Censored Colors)


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