Playlist Itapema: confira a programação deste sábado (27/06/2020)

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Confira a programação deste sábado (27/06/2020)

Foto em destaque: Rhye


00:05 Bloco Musical 00:05

Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso e Gilberto Gil = Saudade Dela (Cd Encanteria)

Les Negresses Vertes (França) = I Love Paris ( Cd Le Grand Deballage )

Imelda May (Irlanda) = Its Good To Be Alive (Cd Tribal)

Steve Winwood e Eric Clapton = Dirty City ( Cd Nine Lives )

Ben Watt = Forget (Cd Hendra)


00:25 Bloco Musical 00:25

Stephen Marley = Lonely Avenue ( Cd  Mind Control )

Rolling Stones = One More Shot

Paula Toller = Mamãe Coragem (Cd Dvd Nosso)

Sting = Moon Over Bourbon Street

Ringo Starr e Paul McCartney = Walk With You (Cd Y Not)


00:45 Bloco Musical 00:45

Cyndi Lauper = Walkin After Midnight (Cd Detour)

Eagle-eye Cherry = Comatose (Cd Desireless)

Ceu = Perfume Invisível (Cd Tropix)

Atili Bandalero (Franca) e Art X = Flute of Tomorrow  (Cd Bridge Over Troubled Dreams)

John Mayer =  Born And  Raised Country (Cd Born And  Raised)


01:05 Bloco Musical 01:05

Zach Ashton = Barcelona Nights (Cd People And Places)

Jon Anderson = He Is Sailing

Ana Cañas = Foi Embora (Cd Volta)

Ziggy Marley = See Dem Fake Leaders

Jamie Cullum (Inglaterra) = Don’t Stop The Music (Cd The Pursuit)


01:25 Bloco Musical 01:25

Richard Shindell = Stray Cow Blues (Cd Careless)

Solomon Burke e Ben Harper = A Minute To Rest And a Second To Pray (Cd Like a Fire)

Ney Matogrosso e Chico Buarque = Ate O Fim ( Cd Um Brasileiro )

R.E.M = Drive ( Cd Automatic For The People )

Angie Stone = I Believe (Cd Covered In Soul)


01:45 Bloco Musical 01:45

De Phazz (Alemanha) = Something Special (Cd Big)

Donavon Frankenreiter = Glow (Cd Glow)

Pedro Abrunhosa ( Portugal ) e Lenine = Diabo No Corpo (Cd Palco)

Caro Emerald (Holanda) = The Lipstick On His Collar (Acoustic Sessions)

Mr Day = Get Your Point Over


02:05 Bloco Musical 02:05

Amadou e Mariam (Senegal) = Sabali (Cd Welcome To Mali)

Zee Avi (Malásia) = Concrete Wall (Cd Ghostbird)

Marina Lima e Martinho da Vila = Arco de Luz (Cd Acustico Mtv)

Petra Magoni (Itália) e Ferruccio Spinetti (Italia) = Roxanne (Cd Musica Nuda)

U2 ( Irlanda ) = The Unforgettable Fire


02:25 Bloco Musical 02:25

Arnaldo Antunes e Tribalistas = Velha Infância ( DVD Ao Vivo No Estúdio )

Hindi Zahra (Marrocos) = Beautiful Tango (Handmade)

Nuno Mindelis = Shake It (Cd Twelve Hours)

David Gilmour = The Girl In The Yellow Dress  (Cd Rattle That Lock)

Amy Winehouse = Valerie (Ao Vivo na BBC)


02:45 Bloco Musical 02:45

Boy George = Feel The Vibration (Cd This Is What I Do)

Nadeah = Arthurs Theme (Cd Hollywood Mon Amour)

Zelia Duncan com Titãs e Cidade Negra = Não Tem Volta

Jack Johnson e Zach Gill = Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (Some Live Songs Ep)

Karen de Souza = Paris (Cd Hotel Souza)


03:05 Bloco Musical 03:05

Itapema Informação


03:25 Bloco Musical 03:25

Itapema Informação


03:45 Bloco Musical 03:45

Itapema Informação


04:05 Bloco Musical 04:05

Zeca Baleiro = Disritmia

Cowboy Junkies (Canada) e Natalie Merchant = Misguided Angel (Cd Trinity Revisited)

Sufjan Stevens = Eugene (Cd Carrie And Lowell)

Paul Weller = Oh Happy Day ( Cd Wild Wood )

Rolling Stones e Dave Matthews = Memory Motel


04:25 Bloco Musical 04:25

Happin Hood e Claudio Zoli = No Role (Cd Sujeito Homem)

Loreena Mc Kennitt = The Bonny Swans (Ao Vivo)

Elis Regina e Tim Maia = These Are The Songs

Eric Clapton = Love Don t Love Anybody (Cd Back Home)

Maria Luiza = Victmiless Crime (Cd Maria Luiza)


04:45 Bloco Musical 04:45

Ismael Lo (Senegal) = Dibi Dibi Rek (Cd Jammy Africa)

Manuel Volpe Rhabdomantic Orchestra = Basrah (Cd Albore)

Katia B = Viajei (Cd Espacial)

Bonnie Raitt e B. B. King = Baby I Love You (Cd Deuces Wild)

Jens Lekman (Suécia) = Maybe I Am in Love with You (Cd Night Falls Over Kortedala)


05:05 Bloco Musical 05:05

Ana Cañas = Rock and roll (Cd Volta)

Leonard Cohen (Canada) = Did I Ever Love You (Cd Popular Problems)

Rita Lee = Rapaz (Cd Reza)

Jay Jay Johanson (Suecia) = Capricorn

Goldfrapp = Cologne Cerrone Houdini ( Cd Seventh  Tree )


05:25 Bloco Musical 05:25

Caetano Veloso = Help (Cd Joia)

Pink Martini = Hey Eugene (Cd Hey Eugene)

Milton Nascimento = Beijo Partido (Cd Minas)

Steely Dan = Rikki Don t Lose That Number

Matthew Halsall e Josephine Oniyama = As I Walk (Into Forever)


05:45 Bloco Musical 05:45

Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Cerca Del Mar (Cd Vaiven)

Selah Sue (Bélgica) = Alone (Cd Reason)

Dire Straits = Six Blade Knife

Palolo = Down Under (cd Friends Of The Ocean)

Tracey Thorn = Follow The Down (Trilha de The Falling)


06:05 Bloco Musical 06:05

Luiz Meira = Pra Ficar No Ponto

Regina Spektor = One More Time With Feeling (Cd Far)

Willie Nelson = Lady Luck (Cd Gods Problem Child)

Matthieu Bore = I Wanna Be Your Man (Cd Roots)


06:25 Bloco Musical 06:25

Maya Fadeeva e Club des Belugas = Straight to My Heart

Chico Buarque = Ela Faz Cinema (Cd Carioca)

Gare Du Nord (Bélgica e Holanda) = You Are My Medicine (Cd Sex And Jazz)

Tom Misch = Man Like You (Cd Geography)

Touch And Go = Tango In Harlem ( Cd I Find You Very Attractive )


06:45 Bloco Musical 06:45

George Benson = Breezin

Ceumar e Jonathan Silva = Samba da Utopia (Cd Samba da Utopia)

The Cooltrane Quartet = Wonderwall ( Cd Jazz And 90s )

Simply Red (Inglaterra) = They Don’t Know ( Cd Stay )

Charles Pasi = Good Enough (Cd Bricks)


07:05 Bloco Musical 07:05

Nouvelle Vague e Thievery Corporation = This Is Not A Love Song (Cd Versions)

Bahamas = No Wrong (Cd Earthtones)

Marina Lima = Pra Começar ( DVD Acustico Mtv )

Buddy Guy e James Bay = Blue No More (Cd The Blues Is Alive And Well)

Sinead O Connor (Irlanda) = Famine


07:25 Bloco Musical 07:25

Roberta Sa e Jorge Ben Jor = Ela Diz Que Me Ama (DKVPZ Remix)

Maria Rita = Recado (Cd Segundo )

Chet Baker = Blue Moon (Cd Cool Cat)

Radiohead = The Numbers

Madeleine Peyroux = Last Night When We Were Young (Cd Anthem)


07:45 Bloco Musical 07:45

Jorge Mautner = Maracatu Atômico

Jhelisa = Whirl Keeps Turning (Cd Galactica Rush)

J.J. Cale = Stay Around (Cd Stay Around)

Dido = Thank You (Live Acoustic)


08:05 Bloco Musical 08:05

Pierre Aderne = Vida de Estrela (Cd Agua Doce)

Donavon Frankenreiter = Move By Yourself (Cd Move By Yourself)

Lenny Kravitz = Can’t Stop Thinkin About You (Cd Strut)

Joe Cocker = Could You Be Loved (Cd Across From Midnight)

Caro Emerald = Quicksand


08:25 Bloco Musical 08:25

Bob Dylan = False Prophet

Morcheeba = Never Undo (Cd Blaze Away)

Paul Weller = Broken Stones (Cd  Stanley Road)

Gal Costa = Mãe (Cd Agua Viva)


08:45 Bloco Musical 08:45

Paul Simon = Father And Daughter (Cd Surprise)

Dida (Israel) = Jack Nice (Cd Modern Love Songs)

Pedro Guerra e Lenine = Miedo (Cd Ofrenda)

The Reflex e B.B. King = The Thrill Is Gone

Bakar = Hell N Back (EP Will You Be My Yellow )


09:05 Bloco Musical 09:05

Lauryn Hill = Feeling Good (Cd Nina Revisited)

Leon Bridges = Coming Home (Cd Coming Home)

Crikka Amorim e Zélia Duncan = Como Num Mar (Cd No Ponto)

Darkside = Paper Trails (Cd Psychic)

TM Juke = Playground Games (Cd Maps From The Wilderness)


09:25 Bloco Musical 09:25

Black Pumas = Fast Car

Paula Lima = Bom Mesmo é Amar (Cd Paula Lima)

Keith Richards = Love Overdue (Cd Crosseyed Heart)

Zap Mama (Zaire e Belgica) = Toma Taboo (Cd Supermoon)


09:45 Bloco Musical 09:45

Michael Buble (Canada) = Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Maya Fadeeva = Let Me Go

Gilberto Gil e Caetano Veloso = Cinema Novo

Said Mrad (Líbano) = Love Nights (Cd Two Thousand And One Nights)

Sabrina Starke = Home Is You (Cd Yellow Brick Road)


10:05 Bloco Musical 10:05

Fito Paez e Paulinho Moska = Filhos do Amor (Cd Locura Total)

Brazilian Girls = Salve

Everlast = Lonely Road (Cd White Trash Beautiful)

The Cadillac Kings = No Good Women (Cd The Secret Of My Success)

Jack Johnson e G Love = Holiday


10:25 Bloco Musical 10:25

Blank and Jones e Coralie Clement = Cest Pas La Mer A Boire

Jorge Ben Jor = Zumbi (Cd Tábua de Esmeralda)

Bobby Hughes Combination = Cliver The Runner (Cd Nhu Golden Era)

Sting e Shaggy = Sad Trombone (Cd 44 876)


10:45 Bloco Musical 10:45

Roberta Sa = Essa Moca Ta Diferente (Cd Sambas e Bossas)

Lloyd Cole = Night Sweats (Cd Guesswork)

Cunnie Williams = With Or Without You (cd Star Hotel)

FKJ = Leave My Home (Leave My Home)

Taxi (Alemanha) = Yes It Is True (Cd Blue Zero One)


11:05 Bloco Musical 11:05

Ney Matogrosso = Partido Alto ( Cd Um Brasileiro )

Santana e Rob Thomas  = Smooth (Cd Supernatural)

Thievery Corporation = Decollage (Cd Saudade)

Tiago Iorc = Ticket To Ride (Cd Let Yourself In)


11:25 Bloco Musical 11:25

Neil Young = Try

Celso Fonseca = Queda ( Cd Feriado )

Amy Winehouse = Me And Mister Jones ( Cd Back To Black )

Beirut = Santa Fe (Cd The Rip Tide)

America = Horse With No Name


11:45 Bloco Musical 11:45

Billa Qause (Grécia) = I Walk Alone

Eric Clapton = Somebodys Knocking (Cd I Still Do)

Nicola Conte (Itália) e Stefania Dipierro = Maracatu Atômico (Cd Natural)

Guru e Vivian Green = Fine And Free ( Cd Jazz Matazz 4 )

Macy Gray = Slowly (Cd Stripped)


12:05 Bloco Musical 12:05

Jorg Burger = Modernism Begins At Home (Cd Night e Day)

Sharon Jones e The Dap Kings = 100 Days 100 Nights

Barro e Mariana Aydar = Eu Só Queria Que Você (Cd Somos)

Father John Misty = Well You Can Do It Without Me (Cd Fear Fun)

Lady Linn And Her Magnificent Seven = I Don t Wanna Dance


12:25 Bloco Musical 12:25

Titãs = Sonífera Ilha (Trio Acústico)

Goloka = Save Me Tonight (Cd Afterglow)

Anne Schnell e Jojo Effect = Mystery  (Cd May I Think Of You)

Maribou State e North Downs = Kingdom (Cd Kingdoms In Colour Remixed)

Mick Jagger e Lenny Kravitz = Use Me


12:45 Bloco Musical 12:45

Zélia Duncan = Alma (Cd Sortimento)

Buddy Guy e Jeff Beck e Keith Richards - Cognac (Cd The Blues Is Alive And Well)

The Be Good Tanyas = Waiting Around To Die

Steely Dan = Janie Runaway (cd Two Against Nature)


13:05 Bloco Musical 13:05

Caetano Veloso = Queixa (cd Circulado Vivo)

Michael Franti e Spearhead = The Sound Of Sunshine Going Down (Cd The Sound Of Sunshine)

Taj Mahal = That’s How Strong My Love Is (Cd Damn Right Ive Got The Blues)

Sabrina Starke = Happy (Cd Bags And Suitcases)

Youssou N’Dour (Senegal) = My Hope is in You (Cd From Village To Town)


13:25 Bloco Musical 13:25

Selah Sue = You (Bedroom EP)

Dio e Baco = Fulana (Dio e Baco)

India Dot Arie = Heaven

Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros = Mondo Bongo


13:45 Bloco Musical 13:45

Lenine = Todas Elas Juntas Num So Ser (Cd Lenine In CitÈ)

Trash Pour Quatro = Material Girl (Cd Recycle Volume 1)

Samuel J =  Colourful Vibration (Orchestral)

Sade = Love Is Stronger Than Pride Remix

John Mayer =  Born And  Raised  (Cd Born And  Raised)


14:05 Bloco Musical 14:05

Chico Buarque = Apesar de Você

Norah Jones e Peter Malick Group = New York City Tourist Remix (Cd The Remix Album)

Louie Austen = Wild Thing (CD Last Man Crooning)

Pink Martini = City Of Night (Cd Hey Eugene)

The Cadillac Kings = Left Handed Woman (Cd The Secret Of My Success)


14:25 Bloco Musical 14:25

Céu = Carinhoso

Frejat = Só você

Portugal The Man = Plastic Soliders (Cd  Evil Friends)

Carly Simon = Halfway Round The World ( Cd Letters Never Sent )


14:45 Bloco Musical 14:45

Musica Ligeira = You Are Going To Lose That Girl

Super Heavy = Miracle Worker

Rodrigo Piva = Pra Ser Feliz (Cd Canto Quântico)

Alice Russell = Two Steps (Cd Pot Of Gold Remixes)

Adele = Skyfall


15:05 Bloco Musical 15:05

Cocoon = Spark

Joe Cocker = First We Take Manhattan (No Ordinary World)

Aline Muniz = Da Pá Virada (Cd Da Pa Virada)

Carla Bruni (Italia) e Willie Nelson = Crazy (Cd French Touch)

Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Get Home (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)


15:25 Bloco Musical 15:25

Fantastic Negrito = How Long

Dj Mustafa e Lowie =  São Salvador ( Cd de Paris Ao Vidigal )

Citizen Cope = Healing Hands ( Cd The Rain Water)

Hippiehaus (Alemanha) = Galaxy (Cd Stars)


15:45 Bloco Musical 15:45

Gilberto Gil = Norte Da Saudade (Exclusiva da Itapema FM)

Atili Bandalero e Cornell Campbell = Lay Down (Cd Cityscape)

Dido = White Flag (DVD Dido Live)

Stephane Pompougnac e Charles Schillings = Sunday Drive (Cd Hello Mademoiselle)

Jimmy Page = Boll Weevil Song (Cd Playing Up a Storm)


16:05 Bloco Musical 16:05

Caro Emerald = No Charge (Cd The Shocking Miss Emerald Deluxe Edition)

Van Morrison = TB Sheets (Cd Early Years)

Zélia Duncan = Quase Sem Querer (Ao Vivo Estúdio Itapema Fm)

Pink Turtle (Franca) = Every Breath You Take (Cd Cool Tributes The 80 s Session)

Kevin Morby = City Music (Cd City Music)


16:25 Bloco Musical 16:25

The Teskey Brothres e Joy Denalane = Jealous Guy

Caetano Veloso = Disseram Que Eu Voltei Americanizada

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) e  Maya Fadeeva = Save A Little Love For Me (Cd Chameleon)

Lenny Kravitz = Fly Away


16:45 Bloco Musical 16:45

Buddy Guy = Everybody Is Got To Go (Cd Living Proof)

Melody Gardot = Les Etoiles (Cd My One And only Thrill)

Nando Reis = Mesmo Sozinho ( Cd A Letra A )

Walk Off The Earth (Canada) = Rude

Cory Bonanno e T Flower = You Got


17:05 Bloco Musical 17:05

Thievery Corporation = All That We Perceive (Cd It Takes A Thief)

Polo and Pan = Nana (Cd Caravelle Deluxe)

Zuco 103 =  O Amor e o Medo (Cd Etno Chic)

Mick Hucknall = Ain t That Lovin You ( Cd Tribute  To Bobby )

Cloud Control (Australia) = Just For Now (Cd Bliss Release )


17:25 Bloco Musical 17:25

Rolling Stones = Living In A Ghost Town

Os Tincoas = Deixa A Gira Girar

U2 (Irlanda) = Night And Day ( Clássico de Cole Porter )

FM Laeti = Show Me The Way ( NineOne remix )


17:45 Bloco Musical 17:45

Toco e Nina Miranda = Rainha (Single Remix)

The Doors e Blondie = Riders On The Storm e Rapture (Mark Vidler Mashup)

Guts (Franca) e Lorine Chia (Camarões) =  Peaceful Life (Cd Eternal)

Alex Ebert = Stronger (Cd I vs I)

Speech = Slave Of It All (Cd Hoopla)


18:05 Bloco Musical 18:05

Leila Pantel e Mo'horizons (Alemanha) = Foto Viva (cd Come Touch The Sun)

Nuri Andaburi (Colinas de Golan) = Ruh Bladi (Cd Toot Ard)

Jamie Lidell = Multiply (Cd Multiply)

Madonna = Masterpiece (Cd MDNA)

Nick Mulvey = Moment Of Surrender


18:25 Bloco Musical 18:25

Felipe Coelho = Uanamasi 01 (Radio Edit)

Nanah Vasconcelos = Bird Boy

Fernanda Boabaid e Bela Blasi = Ninety Four (Cd Fewie)

Jack Johnson = Never Know ( Cd In Between Dreams )


18:45 Bloco Musical 18:45

Amy Winehouse e Quincy Jones = It’s My Party (Cd Q Soul Bossa Nostra)

Blank And Jones e Deep Forest (Franca) = Sweet Lullaby (Relax Edition Nine)

Vitor Ramil e Ney Matogrosso = Que Horas Não São (Cd Foi No Mês Que Vem)

Sabrina Starke = Second Class Woman (Cd Yellow Brick Road)

Poldoore = Nothing Left To Say


19:05 Bloco Musical 19:05

Son Little = About Her Again (Cd Invisible)

Corinne Bailey Rae = Closer (Cd The Sea)

Pierre Aderne e Alexia Bomtempo = Quanto Tempo (Cd Doces Cariocas)

Fun Lovin Criminals e Rowetta = Daylight (Cd Another Mimosa)

Sade = Killer Blow


19:25 Bloco Musical 19:25

Frejat = Pergunta Urgente

Marcia Salomon = Quando o Carnaval Chegar

Jose James e Aloe Blacc = Turn Me Up

Tok Tok Tok (Alemanha) = Get Back (Cd Revolution 69)

B B King e Heavy D = Keep It Coming (Cd Deuces Wild)


19:45 Bloco Musical 19:45

Céu = Eu Amo Você

Rod Stewart = Love Is (Cd Another Country)

Betty Novallis = I Just Call To Say I Love You (Cd Songs I Love)

Fatal Mambo ( Franca ) = In The Summertime (Cd Cover The World)


20:05 Bloco Musical 20:05

Shemekia Copeland = Don't Whisper (Cd Deluxe Edition)

Nick Waterhouse = Black Glass (Cd Nick Watherhouse)

Roberta Sa e Pedro Luiz e a Parede = No Braseiro (Cd Braseiro)

Walk Off The Earth (Canada) e Selah Sue (Bélgica) = Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Hindi Zahra (Marrocos) = Un  Jour (Cd Homeland)


20:25 Bloco Musical 20:25

Leo Sidran e Jorge Drexler = Row On (Al Otro Lado del Rio)

Leisure = Got It Bad

Suzanne Vega = Walk On The Wild Side (Cd An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories)

Trinca de Ases = Tocarte


20:45 Bloco Musical 20:45

Santana = In Search Of Monalisa (Cd In Search Of Monalisa)

Thievery Corporation = Lebanese Blonde (Versão em Francês)

Ohm Guru e Bruno = One ( Cd Hotel Costes 9 )

Melody Gardot = Baby I Am a Fool (Cd My One And only Thrill)

Daniel Groove = Jardim Suspenso (Cd Romance Pra Depois)


21:05 Bloco Musical 21:05

Rita Ribeiro = Contra O Tempo (Cd Comigo)

Dave Grohl (Nirvana e Foo Fighters) = If I Were Me (Cd Sound City)

Dub Pistols e Terry Hall = Rapture

Regina Spektor = Dance Anthem Of The Eighties (Cd Far)


21:25 Bloco Musical 21:25

Rhye = Beautiful (Single Beautiful)

Celso Fonseca e Marcelo D2 = Viajando Na Viagem ( Cd Feriado )

Madeleine Peyroux = Instead (Cd Bare Bones)

Smooth = Another Life (Cd The Parade)

Tina Turner e Angelique Kidjo = Easy As Life


21:45 Bloco Musical 21:45

Beirut = East Harlem (Cd The Rip Tide)

Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = I Dont Mean a Thing ( Cd Swop )

João Bosco = Águas de Marco

Matt Simons = Catch And Release (Deepend Remix)

J.J. Cale e Eric Clapton = Ride The River ( Cd The Road To Escondido )


22:05 Bloco Musical 22:05

Nicolas Jaar = America I’m for the Birds (Cd Sirens)

Polo & Pan = Feel Good

Polo & Pan = Plage Isolee (Soleil Levant)

Poolside feat. Panama = Can’t Stop Your Lovin

Zimmer = Lost Your Mind (Kartell Remix)

Elekfantz = Work It Out (Cd Elements)

Goldroom feat. Love = Do You Feel It Now

Elekfantz = Elements (Cd Elements)

Kraak & Smaak, Ivar = I’ll Be Loving You

Poolside = Around The Sun

Elekfantz = The Promise (Cd Elements)

Mousse T., James Yuill = Do The Same Thing (Cd Where Is The Love)

ZHU = Good Life

Elekfantz = Close To Me (Cd Elements)


23:05 Bloco Musical 23:05

Fritz Kalkbrenner = A Change Is Gonna Come (Cd True Colours)

Monolink = Sirens (Extended Version)

Groove Armada = Shameless (Cd Black Light)

Elekfantz = Believe (Cd Elements)

Destroyer = Crimson Tide

Elekfantz = When We Were Young (Cd Elements)

Elekfantz = She’s So Funky (Cd Elements)

Ben Bohmer & Monolink = Black Hole (Gui Boratto Extended Rework)

Elekfantz = Those girls (Cd Elements)

Elekfantz = Blush (Cd Elements)


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